Sunday, March 20, 2011

For Valentine, as Requested.

The Magic Island by Seabrook. E-text for free.
  Used copies on Amazon for $15-26.
Image from this page.

PS. Should anyone come across a copy of Seabrook's Witchcraft: Its Power In the World Today online or elsewhere: I want it.


the Valentines said...

Fuckin' SWEET!

This is the same Seabrook that lived with the Yezidi, I am sure you have read that work. This is a highly controversial title among scholars and historians who document the Diaspora and one of the few to examine the Petro.

Jack Faust said...

I actually never managed to find a copy of Adventures in Arabia. I was pretty disappointed about that, too.

While hunting for Seabrook, I came across this:

Thought you might dig it, if it doesn't suck. It's also on Scribd.

Jack Faust said...

Also, I'll read and review Ocha'ni Lele's Obi in the next few weeks/two months just to pacify your fears that I'll "never read on Santeria again!" lmao.

Kenaz Filan said...

Great find! Seabrook's Magic Island is one of the best texts of its time on Haiti. (Given that most of the competition was stuff like Cannibal Cousins and Voodoo Fire in Haiti, it had little competition). He didn't get all the details right but he was a practicing magician who recognized and respected Vodou's power. It's a greatly underrated work and I'm glad to see that others are interested.

the Valentines said...

@Jack I might have a copy of the Yezidi book still. Gimme a day or two to check.

@Kenaz I felt Seabrook had a magnificently deep appreciation for Vodou. A willingness to challenge himself. I haven't finished the text yet but I would love to have a blog round concerning this book. What say you?

Pallas Renatus said...

Y'all are killing me with good book recommendations; I have a "to read" list as long as my arm.

Thanks =)