Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've been using Hand Mudras in conjunction with my tarot reading, recently. Before I begin - and if you don't banish when you get up, you can banish before or whatever procedures you normally perform before doing divination or other work - I place the deck in my left hand, resting on the open palm. Then, sitting with a straight back I perform the Mudras for IAO with my right hand. Afterwards, I ask the deck my question and then perform the divination. So far, I've been pleased with the results.

The following comes from UD's High Magick II (p. 83) and if it interests you, buy it. Or buy Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics (which is where UD got his information for the chapter).

The right hand is balled into a fist. Now stick out your forefinger and raise your hand so that your finger is pointing upward.
All fingers are straight and lying flat next to each other. Now stick out your thumb so that it forms a ninety-degree angle with your forefinger.
All fingers are bent so that the tips of your thumb and forefinger slighty touch. Form a circle with your thumb and forefinger.

Obviously, you should probably vibrate the formula while doing it. You can try divination afterward, or not.

But - a question for R.O. and AIT: is this "energy work"? If I perform my visualizations, do the vibrations, and the Mudras do I need to call it "energy work"?

Bardon - in Initiation - notes that: "the electric and magnetic fluids in the human body have nothing directly to do with common electricity and magnetism; they are, however, analogous."

See what I'm getting at?


Frater A.I.T. said...

@ Fra Jack

You don't need to call it that, but that's what it is. =)

I know Patrick Dunn and some others have argued against using the term "energy" because of it's scientific definition, and because the spiritual energies can't be measured physically. I think this is silly. "Energy" as it is understood commonly--not in scientific circles--is the best way to describe to other persons the LVX forces we work with that may only be measured experientially.

From what I've gathered, most people define "Energy" as an occulted force that can do stuff. Something you can't see that causes change and has "power". This applies to magnetism, electricity...the chemicals and hormones streaming through our blood, in addition to the light-energies we manipulate in prayer.

"Energy" drinks use caffeine to give people the feeling of having more "Energy", but no one rails and rages to change the name of them to "Brain Synapse Speed-Increasing" drinks. Most people have zero idea of how science defines energy. I mean, Zero. Are we going to speak to people so that they understand, or dance about so that materialist scientists don't look down on us?

The materialist scientific community is not the final arbiter for English word-use. Certainly we would use a different term if we were submitting a paper for peer-review to Nature or the like, but otherwise we should use the language that best conveys understanding to the persons we are communicating with.

All purely my opinion, of course! I just find it irritating that Magicians go about renaming shit that they Understand the meaning of so that the judgemental Tulpa in the White Lab Coat hovering over their shoulder doesn't think them foolish. I went through it myself, and now I'm like "Fuck that." Haha.

Awesome to read about your Tarot practice, by the way. Not a lot of folk posting about where Magic and tarot-based divination intersect. Very cool!

Jack Faust said...

@AIT: Dude, I dig what you're saying. But I also think we owe a bit of clarity on the subject due to the possibility of what we're saying being misunderstand. Or at least, that's one way to approach things.

To draw attention to a similar, but analogous problem: some people actually think when we're talking about the elements, we're actually talking about the literal elements rather than the "energetic states" or "first causes" of those elements, which include all of the dynamic states of the elements. (Or non-dynamic, depending.) It's an understanding that's easily corrected by simply addressing the subject as such, but we rarely do and so you occasionally run into the person who has not yet grokked the elements.

"Energy" is similar. I wanted to use the little tarot technique I've been experimenting with to illustrate this. I did not tell anyone that the deck is in their left hand, which is the "receptive" or passive hand in Bardon's system. Nor did I tell them that their active hand and the vibrations + visualizations would naturally create a path from one hand (active) to the other (passive) thus charging the deck. That's because if you do it, and see what happens, you can directly experience it. If you just read what I wrote, and don't try it? You definitely won't. And so one the ways I can tell if I discuss the technique with someone later, is if they actually tried it or not based on what they say. This is being deliberately cryptic, and the reason I'm a dick.

But seriously? Anyone that does the work will recognize the "energetic" component, regardless of what they decide to call it. It's obviously there. You can feel it. And that direct experience is what matters. Not what we call the work, etc.

I felt like your words (and I'm saying this here so I don't troll someone on your page, because you don't deserve that) were less about the energetic work, and more about the cultural stagnation that's everywhere apparent. Anyone that doesn't have the time to do the work can feel the stagnation. I honestly felt like if you focused on overcoming that stagnation, rather than doing "Energetic work," you'd have had a more universal subject/message than the focus on the energy work. It's like - "shouldn't that be inherent to any work?"

And I do mean that literally. Isn't something a bit wrong if you don't feel that dynamic component kicking in?

But, feel free to correct me if I missed the point. I might have. *laughs*

Frater A.I.T. said...

@ Fra Jack

You have an excellent mind, Frater. Thank you for being so considerate!

I definitely get what you're saying...the elemental analogy is perfect. Still, we continue to call the Elements by the same names, regardless of the confusion the uninitiated or unaware might experience, because they are the best terms for describing those forces in a way that people can viscerally understand. It's the same with energy. We can give them clarity by explanation; I think coming up with other terms that don't hit at the heart will only cause more confusion.

I was definitely also talking about the laziness and stagnation, right on! =) If you have time for the Jersey Shore, you have time to meditate.

I did also mean exactly what I said about the energy work, though--not working and developing the energetic bodies makes for a bullshit practice. Now, I'm referring to spiritual practice that is meant to Evolve; there are magical practices of course that have no such goal, and that is fine. That being said, one day those Sorcerers will die, and without having spent the time working with their energetic bodies will find themselves in diapers again with none of their previous knowledge in tow, a lifetime of magical work erased.

Bullshit's a bit harsh, I know, but I wanted to give a little shock. Because it's true. Without the energetic work, you move sideways, or in circles. Without the devotional prayer and development that are part of energetic work, you will be doing the same damn thing in your next life that you are doing in this one...if you're lucky. That isn't to say there isn't any value in practice without meditative/energetic work, only that it won't grow your power in Spirit. It's mostly about Death, the great Reset button. When we die the state of our energetic bodies are all we take with us, and this state determines the nature of our Death and Rebirth. Are we to rise and become Forces, become Powers? Or are we to be reborn and start again perhaps from scratch, maybe without the resources we have for spiritual work and understanding now? Even Thaumaturgy comes back around to Theurgy in the end; look at our good brother RO's experience with Bune. If our end goal in our Magic is to develop our Spirit, having a practice that doesn't include energetic work is straight-up bullshit. Because we are all going to die.

How's that for a positive outlook, haha? =)

Of course, if one doesn't believe reincarnation is a true thing, then what I'm saying doesn't make sense. Perhaps it doesn't make sense at all; I just feel that in our community in the West, Death is seldom dealt with. This pervades our lives on all levels, including our spiritual practice. Many of us don't take this into account, and I think that is a big difference we see between Western magical practice and that of the Tibetans or Taoists. Their entire practice is preparation for death and the afterlife, with all the cool shit being happy side-effects. We aren't taking the long view. Many of us have practices full of beautiful visions and life-enriching experiences, and we will die and lose them all because we have neglected to develop our Spirit in the process. This comes down to energetic work. I want them all to avoid that, because I Love them.

OK....I've went on a lengthy tangent, sorry bro! I'm sure there are gaps in my own understanding, feel free to tear into them, haha. =) I'm just excited to be discussing this stuff.


Jack Faust said...

AIT: LOL. Thanking me for being considerate is unnecessary, mang. I don't say such things to people I like so they thank me; more so they're aware if I engage in such an activity later that I have fallen from my grandiose pedestal and must now wander angrily and bitterly amongst my fellow man. Yes, that was mostly just an excuse to use the words "grandiose," "pedestal," and "bitterly." Staying on track will be hard tonight. You can totally ignore what I say until you have a moment, or never respond. I'm babbling for edification and to pose some counterpoints, is all. And I'm not taking myself particularly seriously, so no one else has to, either.

Now, I'm referring to spiritual practice that is meant to Evolve; there are magical practices of course that have no such goal, and that is fine.

Hmmm. I'm becoming suspicious. With the terms you're using, I can cheat. And that's not really fair.

The development of the subtle body is essential to the task of dealing with astral and otherwise matters. The process of developing it tends to have a byproduct of "spiritual activity" (I'm deliberately avoiding the word "Evolve," because what you're suggesting is metaphysics that's applied Augustine's vision of the divine plan - and I don't like Augustine in my business, just a personal preference. Ex-Manicheans can stay the fuck out).

You are correct that there are sorcerous practices without theurgic components, but that's really besides the point. Any magician of sorcerer who imposes his intent on reality causes a change. This change is noticed, astrally and on other levels, and there tends to be a response. Even if he is repeatedly using a "path of energy" or path of power to get money, that path includes sympathy with what can called "Thrones and Dominions," the rulers of that Path of Power. Repeatedly accessing that path will likely result in their knowing you. And, my experience is at least, they will come to find you. Names change, designations and ways of access change, but spirits that reside over specific locus' of information are ever-present. And if you work in one area long enough, just doing thaumaturgy, you will find that you might generate a theurgical backlash. That's the spirit showing up to explain you some manners, in my mind.

Likewise, sometimes contacting such spirits (or any spirit) can have a thaumaturgical side effect. Surely, you've come into contact with something and then suddenly had a burst of "good luck," in your life. Old barriers being overcome; the abundance of life sliding back in. That's the opposite of what I just described, but I've had it happen as well.

What this has convinced me is that there isn't anything like just "one" practice, even if people insist on imposing such limits on them. Sufficient work of any kind, with sufficient dedication to the task, will generate a result. The result is the reward of what we've reaped, for good or ill.

But what I'm saying is that there isn't "just one" sufficient practice. It isn't just energy work, or scrying, or thaumaturgy, or theurgy. You should be doing ALL of it, and striving for balance. Making one a priority over another is... dangerous.

And I'm still suspicious of your "spiritual evolution," dude. A lot of the greats "Evolved" into... Well. I'm sure you're well aware. No reason to beat on failed and broken vessels. It's unkind.

And for the record, when I die - well. "My gods walk with me."

Frater A.I.T. said...

Bro, I roll with the Golden Dawn. "Consideration" in argument is hardly the norm, haha. I need to encourage that shit when I see it, even if I'm getting it from a gent I know. =)

Fair enough on Augustine, and kudos on knowing enough about him to have an opinion. I had to look dude up to make sure I remembered him correctly, haha. Been a looong time since I read the fellow.

Hmm.....I'm not so sure that you need more than one component. Or that they are all Equal. There are Saints and the like who were taken up through devotional prayer alone. We aren't all made for that sort of thing, but it is possible. I've never heard of someone ascending to power through Thaumaturgy or Divination alone. (That doesn't mean it hasn't happened, of course. Especially with Thaumaturgy, which can evolve folks in it's own way. But. I'd be surprised.) Energetic work has a primacy because it works directly with the Azoth that is the stuff of God. If we do it right, anyway. Everything else is analogy. Lunar instead of Solar, if you will.

What you wrote about the give and take between Thaumaturgy and Theurgy is right on...I've certainly experienced this. All that backlash still doesn't make up for a lack of meditation. Although, if we are not operating with the same ideas of spiritual evolution, we are bound to have differing understandings. I understand that the personal energies can be refined through meditation, and that this process enables us access to realms whose natures are in alignment with the level of refinement of our energies. If that isn't the case, then my whole argument is out the window, ha.

I don't doubt for one second your Gods walk with you...they have long memories. Can't get rid of them easy. Sometimes I wonder if I'm meeting any of these entities for the First time.....