Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make-Believe Enemies

So, you like... practice thaumaturgy, right? Because we only practice theurgy.”

I love that comment. It fills the sub-cockles of my heart with deep, pleasant bliss. Because it alerts me to the fact that I'm in the room with a rube.

There is no firm dividing line between theurgy and thaumaturgy. Continued application of either process can result in either (or both) type of results – e.g., making contact with a spirit may help you overcome emotional barriers than had previously held you back, and bring on a run of good luck. Likewise, repeatedly doing money magick may eventually result in you meeting a spirit or entity that has a degree of power over that sphere of influence.

Those that notice recurrent discussions on practical magick and have begun wailing that “the kids, they don't know what they're getting into!”

Well. That's just funny.

It works like this:

If you do something with a sorcerous intent (a) correctly, then an event (microcosmic or macrocosmic) will occur (b). This occurrence will always eventually attract notice, because everything you do – mundane or otherwise – generates an effect. That effect is like a ripple in a pond, and can easily (and often) be traced back to you. It has been my experience that sufficiently plugging the same path (of least resistence, or power, or energy) for a purpose will always result in “something coming to find you.” (c) The entity might not be pissed. It might even help you!

No matter what you do, eventually you will discover that a theurgical component will arrive in your work – in the same manner than I expect thaumaturgical components will eventually show themselves in theurgical work. The “spheres” and types of magical work are not limited to “black and white” types, or even strict categories. At a certain point, all of the work begins to blur together and cohere. This has been my experience. Even when I tried to “just do” thaumaturgy and sorcery, theurgical components and spirits still tended to show up and correct my short-sightedness. Or the same topic would badger me to death, appearing on the third fucking page of every book I was reading until I gave in, and began looking into the subject. Weird, obnoxious shit like that. It's still fun. But really – plant alchemy? That wasn't on the agenda. In fact, alchemy wasn't on the agenda at all. And yet, I'm still going to do at least the basic research on it until I get a better handle on the subject. Because otherwise, every book I own will insist that alchemy is the “way.” And that got old weeks ago.

(I am over-exaggerating. For a few weeks months I have come across repeated references, in a number of books, to alchemy and plant alchemy. The most humorous of these occurances was in Hakim Bey's Orgies of the Hemp Eaters, during his discussion on why someone needs to attempt to tap the prime essence of the green soma via alchemy. As such, I'm reading Bartlett's Real Alchemy while I also read Bardon. It's a bit eerie to read both close to one another, as I can see the reflections of alchemy more easily in Bardon's work now.)

The cynic believes that the cosmic joke revolves around the universe laughing at them. The magician that has properly acclimated his humor to his work, realizes that he is laughing with the universe. It's all absurd, all the time.

Oh, look. Gordon's talking about Theurgy. That's sort've what I mean. Really.

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