Saturday, February 26, 2011

From Bartlett's Real Alchemy

The quote doesn't fit in well enough to be used anywhere in what I'm writing right now, but when I read this transcription in Bartlett's marvelous book my jaw dropped, despite the fact I've read the same thoughts a dozen times in various ways over the last few years. The quote has remained constantly in my mind since reading it.

And, actually, it also happens to represent something I've thought was “true” in a metaphysical sense for a long time. Thus, without further discourse from myself:
“The alchemical concept of life and matter lies at the opposite pole of that of the current scientific community. Science is trying to find out how matter created life. Alchemy states that life created matter.
Alchemy affirms that at the origin, there is consciousness. Consciousness is the need to Be of the Absolute.
In order to satisfy this need, consciousness created life, and in order to evolve, life created matter.”
- Jean Dubuis, PON Seminars 1992. (From Bartlett's Real Alchemy, p. 22-23)
Chances are, I'll quote that again when I find a reason to. 'Cuz, it's worth quoting.


Frater A.I.T. said...

That is definitely worth quoting, and worth remembering.

The Scribbler said...

It does, indeed, put things in their proper perspective, and you have to have reached a certain level of awareness for it to make sense to you. Hard-core materialists won't grok it at all.

And, yes, I've heard this many times before, but this is particularly succinct.