Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cut from the current piece.

It doesn't fit with my attempts to work on a pro-unchaste love piece, because it makes the entire thing toxic. But, frankly, it has to be said. So, it gets cut from the whole of the forth-coming piece and I'm stickin' it here.

Also. What follows may ruin your mood.

It Must Be Something In the Water...
How does one quell the rage?

The general atmosphere in America about sex and the issues involved with it can best be described as toxic. I say this on the reflection of the attempts to redefine rape, or the “revised documents,” or that “Southern Gentleman” who wanted to cease referring to rape victims as “victims,” and instead as “accusers.” And then, finally, there was this.

The last part is just plain sick, and wrong. So there was a lot of rage. I've found myself wanting to storm castles. Assail walls. Burn down a few buildings, maybe, while terrorizing idiots. They won't sleep well when there's a demon in the corner that looks like their dead Grandmother, screaming at them about what a horrible fucking person they are – will they?

Too much rage, there. At this point, the rage becomes like wank material. Visualized horrors that you'd never inflict on anyone, because they're a person too. Even if they are a shithead, and and plainly out to shit on women's rights. Because you don't reclassify rape victims as “accusers” unless you're a shithead. When it comes to the American legal system we assume someone is innocent until proven guilty; this says nothing, however, about the victim. The question is whether or not the person on trial was the one that perpetrated the act which led to a victim. This is the situation for rape, child abuse, murder, theft, and just about every other crime we prosecute in the United States with the exception of victimless crimes.

Above and beyond this are the statistics for rape in the U.S., and I'm going to bluntly state them before the eyes of the gods and everyone else as RAINN lists them:

- 1 in 6 women, and 1 in 33 men will be the victim of sexual assault in their lifetime.
- College age women are four times as likely to be assaulted.
- 60% of sexual assaults go unreported.
- Reporting has increased by 1/3rd since 1993.
- Approximately 73% of rape victims know their assailants.
- Only 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail.

The Southern backwater that our Southern Pal hails from is ranked #11 of the 50 States and the District of Columbia in the U.S. when it comes to rape. So, if you live in Goergia? Get the fuck out. Now.

Are you feeling sick yet? I'm sorry, but it had to be said. There's something fucking wrong here. Something so fucking terrible that most people are unwilling to look at it, and it looks like certain individuals seem to want to make the situation worse by putting even more pressure on the victims of a heinous and unthinkable crime, presumably so that they're less likely to come forward and say anything at all.

So, no. I don't really accept that the issue at hand is about abortion, or really about rape at all. I think it's about punishing women. And I personally think that anyone who's been involved in the process of legislating H.R. 3 should be punched in the nuts repeatedly. If they lack nuts, then they should be followed by packs of women who will publicly shame them for their misdeeds. That's what I fucking think.

As for quelling the rage? I asked Venus' to give me an idea and guide my heart, and Eros' with his arrows to lend me a path of desire. Really, it's the only good bit in the mess of this terrible shit. And it doesn't make me feel much better.


Robert said...

Damn Straight!

Scylla said...

I dunno, I think I still plan on cursing the lot of them.

I once asked for the strength of my female-forebearers, to deal with a problem. I asked them to show me the injustices they had suffered... and goddamn.

"Hungry Dead" doesn't cover it.

My Gal said...
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My Gal said...

My original post was eatten... humm. You are right dear brother this is not about politics, but a whole other host of ugly things. Trying to pass this off as fiscal conservatism is just stupid. Being 8 months pregnant I can tell you that difficult pregnancies are WAAAAY more expensive than early term abortions.

It is my sincere hope that good magickians are working on some sort of ghost of Christmas future for these assholes. Nothing perm mind you, just a very clear idea of the implication of their actions. Justice at a subtle level would be a wonderful blessing. Being 8 months pregnant, I will not be taking up that working for NOW.