Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looooooove Spellz (Trouble?)

These thoughts are being written prior to my finishing my “Shady Bastard's Guide to Love & Magick,” which has sat half-written on my hard-drive for about six months... It'll be written. Some day. I swear. But if the thoughts seem incomplete, it's because they probably are...

In Mr. Black's recently blog entry about Love Spells, he writes: “I previously stated that I'm not too comfortable with doing love spells. To me, it is an attack on someones free will.” PA seems to agree with him.

He isn't entirely incorrect. Take, for instance, this charm in Betz The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation:

Love Spell of Attraction: On a piece of pottery write with a bronze stylus: “Hecate, you, Hecate, triple-formed, since every seal of every (love spell of attraction) has been completed, I abjure you, by the great name of ABLANATHANA and by the power of AGRAMARI, because I abjure you, you possess the fire, ONYR, and those in it, that she, NN, be set afire, that she come in pursuit of me, NN, because I am holding in my right hand two serpents and the victory of IAO SABOATH and the great name BILKATRI MOPHECHE, who brandishes fire... that she love me, completely and be aflame and on fire for me; aye, and tortured too. I am SYNKOUTOUEL...”

This is by no means a singular spell, either. There are dozens – perhaps dozens of dozens – in the PGM. Almost all of them end along such lines: “and make her unable to sleep until she loves me,” “and tortured,” “give her nightmares,” “give her dreams of me,” “torment her with thoughts of me...”

Each and every one of those lines occurs, and the question arises internally: “would I ever want this spell cast on me?”

Oh, fuck no. Man, you cast that shit on me, and you'll be facing a Scorched Earth Policy when I bring the war that you wanted to your door. Given that such ideas actually make me rabidly angry, I could hardly fault any other woman or man who felt similarly.

But what, then, of “love magick”? Is it all compulsion?

I think not.

Breaking it Down

Let us assume that “love magick,” is a generic category, then. Any manner of spells or rituals might be included as long as the aim is love – be it to cause, heighten, or discover where it might lie hidden. As such we might construct a few categories:

  • Compulsive Love Magick
As shown and referenced above, this would be a spell essentially binding a victim (and yes, the term is chosen deliberately) to you in an attempt to get some manner of sex and/or attention out of them. This could be done ritualistically, sympathetically, or so on. For example: one might create a poppet of their victim, and then bind one's picture to the chest of said poppet while invoking a deity of love to aid them in such a task. (Once again, I'm not advocating that you should. But anyone can come up with probably a dozen ideas along these lines in five minutes if they have any experience with sympathetic magick at all.)

  • Influence/Glamor
Attempting to psychically influence a given situation. For example: invoking a given deity and walking into a bar hoping that their influence will bring an attractive party nearer to you, or make you seem more attractive and approachable. Hell, attempting to remotely activate someone's root chakra would also probably fall in line with this.

  • Incubatic
This category probably sounds like the worst, but in actuality it's probably the least threatening. By “incubatic,” I mean “dream incubation,” or the attempt to send another dreams of one sort or another. The PGM has more than a few spells meant to accomplish this, but in principle it can also be done with basic sympathy. The general idea seems to be that if the woman enjoys having her way with you in her dreams, she'll seek out such activities in waking life. If you think that's all it takes to win a girl's heart, friends, then you're in for a bit of a surprise. And you're probably going to be single a lot and wonder why all women refuse to acknowledge your existence.

I'm not sure how to categorize Hoodoo Powders and Love Philtres, but they seem to have their place, too. Mastering Witchcraft also contains a rather interesting chapter on love magick that those interested in it might look to.

I have three final comments:

My best success has been with using magick to “open doors,” as it were. Arriving at the right place, and the right time, after the right sigil or thought-form has been launched was a common one. I've never attempted to coerce someone with a spell, but that's just a personal-ethical thing.

I have purposefully (while in relationships and such) and accidentally sent people dreams. The latter are almost always horribly embarrassing, and never actually “mean” anything.

Finally: regardless of the outcome of any spell, or variant, I think one of the things that aids in success is willingness to move beyond the arena of spellcraft and prove to the other individual you're worth boning (or knowing, or loving).

Be seeing you,

P.S. remember to specify “STD FREE” in your “GET LAID QUICK” sigils. It's a freakish world out there, filled with diseases that'll wither your genitals and probably eventually kill you in terrible ways. No one wants that. Seriously.


susanneiles said...

ha! this blog just keeps on getting better and better..... :)

Ananael Qaa said...

I've never attempted to coerce someone with a spell, but that's just a personal-ethical thing.

The thing is, there's a technical basis to this as well. Casting a love spell to bring a suitable partner into your life is probability-wise much easier than a spell to make a specific person fall in love with you. There are many ways that the former can manifest so the probability shift that you need is a lot smaller. Your possible paths to manifestation are much more limited if the spell you're casting is targeting one person.

PhoenixAngel said...

Wow Jack! you know alot about the topic... I'm definitely impressed. You could also write the sequel to the book, "The Combative Guide to Shady Bastards" :)

My word verification: ajeoh

Rose Weaver said...

In addition to specifying "STD Free" within your spells and/or sigils, you may want to specify "Psychosis Free", or at the very least, "Willing to face and work on all their internal issues." LOL

Just a thought...

Jack Faust said...

@Ananael: I agree entirely. In fact, the successes with just open-ended conjurations of women into my life were so exciting and fun, I never really considered trying to coerce one. All I wanted was the right opening, most of the time.

PA: Thanks! I don't about about knowing "a lot" - there's always more on this subject, but it is honestly one of my favorites. It's how I met VVF, after all.

@Rose: Shhhh! Don't give away all the secrets! LOL.

V.V.F. said...

Seeking the assistance of love deities certainly doesn't hurt either. I don't know why occultists never suggest this - maybe it's not metal enough.

But it's how I met Jack, after all. It was the serendipitous coincidence of his sigilization and my work with a love god.

Albiana said...

Oh my gawds, this blog post is utterly marvelous. You had me at "scorched Earth policy."

And you'd damn well better finish that "Shady Bastard's Guide to Love & Magick" as it is sorely needed and would be given reverential placement on my bookshelf....right between the A.O. Spare and the Louise Huebner!


Jhonn Barghest said...

I'll have to agree.

Scorched Earth Policy.

A man after me own heart!

Z. E. Accordino said...

Remind me to tell you some stories from my youth sometime, J.

Also, you might want to add "no broken condoms" along with the "std free" stipulation. I'm sure we don't want any magickal love children popping out. >_>

Mr Black said...

i've met plenty of woman using "soft" love spells but "hard" love spells has never worked, i was just trying to figure why then i remembered reading Crowley on TRUE WILL then some ideas just formed in my head..... the rest is history.

now on to other things.....