Thursday, October 14, 2010

Isn't That Interesting?

“In 1727 a book appeared with a title that deliberately aped that of Boulton's work, but which confirmed the position taken by Hutchinson. Its contents stoked anti-cunning-folk sentiment and may have influenced who formulated the 1736 Witchcraft Act. A Compleat System of Magick: or, The History of the Black-Art, a work of over 400 pages, was published anonymously but can be firmly attributed to Daniel Defoe, one of the most prolific and influentual authors of his time.”
- Owen Davies, Popular Magic: Cunning-Folk in English History (Chp. 2. For Good or Evil? P.40)

... Okay, the book will probably piss me off. But I have to read this. It's time to hunt through Project Gutenberg and some other places.


susanneiles said...

On the left side of the many different formats. :)

Jack Faust said...

@Susanne: Thank you very much! I'd been about to do a google search, and then the fever hit... and I went back to bed feeling like a strange hybrid of "oaf" and "troll". I appreciate the link greatly!