Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The World: It's Not Fair.

There is an email sitting in my inbox. It's from a local pagan list. It lacks proper punctuation, any sense of grammar, and quite a bit of the spelling is horrid.

It was written by someone that claims to be an adult, with a business degree, who is complaining about the lack of "morals" and "ethics." And because the people this individual knows who are doing well, lack such things. Meanwhile, the author of said email has followed all the rules, been a good person... And life still sucks.

The one response this email got went something like this: Your real problem is that you keep asking 'Why Me'! If you stop saying that, what you want will solidify and life will be awesome again!

I have my doubts. Maybe the problem is that life isn't fucking fair, and some people have become caught up in the lie that if you're a good person, it will all work out for you.

Life doesn't work that way. And problems aren't caused because someone asks why me?!

Neo-Pagan "Elders" these days. The standards keep slumping, and the answers are all the same. "It's because you asked 'why me'."

The fact that I get older and become more appalled by the answers of "enlightened adults" never ceases to fucking amaze me. Tuesday and today's irritation is "spiritual devolution:" when one tried so hard to evolve that they became an idiot.


PhoenixAngel said...

Hi Jack, yes, idiots have been getting on my nerves lately too.

Complete and utter stupidity seems to be all the rage today. I think it's the neo-fashion of arrogant humans, sorta like hemlines. Like a mini-skirt, the less substance of the actual material, the more the ass shows, which might be appropriate for a sexy chick but not appropriate for some fat bastard.

Rose Weaver said...

As posted elsewhere; true words, wise words. Life ain't fair. Period. Deal with it. Sometimes, dealing with it isn't easy, but one must all the same.

I whine, moan, groan, but hey, at least I get it off my chest while I deal. The asking of "why me" doesn't do any good. There isn't an answer to that, other than that's the hand one was dealt. Learn to play it, because if you play it right, you can still win the pot, or at the very least, leave the table with your pockets heavier than what they were when you entered the game. (An analogy; maybe not a good one, but it's worked for me.)

Jack Faust said...

To be frank: I wanted to start screaming "oh, yeah! Did my first fucking love commit suicide because I asked why, me? No? You'd never tell me that? Then maybe your simplistic fucking answer doesn't fucking work, does it?"

I did not. Because flying off the handle and raving at people never actually works.

... And PA, that fat bastard analogy had me almost on the floor. My cat certainly gave me odd looks, at least, as he watched me double over laughing outside.

Rose: Yeah. Pretty fucking much. I don't know. I'm not the most ethical, or moral person on earth. I stick to the basics, though. And I'll tell you - most of the time - if I'm about to fuck you over. But expecting that of others? Absurd. Expect the worst; cherish the best.

Play the game to play the game. Not to win; no one wins. No one gets out alive.

Robert said...

it sucks when people come to you for answers and you just have nothing to good to share. In such cases, I don't know is a better answer. Though, I can sympathize with someone that wants to help but reaches back and finds nothing but air. Humans are weird best not to hate them all when they are a bit stupid too.

Rose Weaver said...

Jack, play the game to play the game, absolutely, I agree. I suppose I should have worded it better; if one is dealt what seems to be a really bad hand, play it anyway because it may not be as bad as it initially appears.

And I can empathize fully with your initial reaction to the guy... and your reasons.