Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Notes

Fire and Forget.”
A few years ago, Donald Michael Kraig came to Fresno. At the time he had just had his book about dancing the tarot published, and was presenting at Fresno's Pagan Pride Day on the subject. Once he finished and went into his question and answer phase, I asked: “Err, but what about fire and forget?”

Fire and forget,” he told me with seeming annoyance, “is a chaos magick idea and does not apply here.”

He said some other things, but I was already so fucking annoyed I'd ceased to pay attention to whatever he was saying due to his tone. I hadn't even meant to say fire and forget; it'd been a Freudian slip of a sort, associated ideas spilling out. I'd meant to ask, what about Lust of Result? I hadn't heard him address the idea once. I now have a better idea as to why it wouldn't apply – you're dancing the ritual, and most of it won't be completely recalled – but I've held a grudge against the fat man ever since. For no real reason, except that I didn't like his tone or his self-importance. I'm told this is a rash judgment. I don't really feel particularly guilty for it, either. I very much dislike being talked down to.

But reading Gordon's recent post on sigils made me think of the above. The old Chaos Magick schitck about Lust of Result is that tricking your mind is easy, and when it comes to sigils, why not? Just fire and forget, keep a note in the journal, and see what happens.

But there's a caveat here: there's more than one way to trick your mind. In fact, there are tons. The problem that Chaos Magicians often have is that we – and I think I can speak collectively here – often forget that, or assume our pet methods are the best. They are not.

In a related field: I can astral project. Quite easily, in fact. Well – okay, there's a few issues. I've walked into walls in my astral temple a few times and been jolted back into conscious from the collision. But beyond that, not a huge problem. The problem is that I had – and still to a greater extent still do not have – no map. If you never know where the fuck you are, how can you go anywhere? Well, I'm a big believer in “wander aimlessly.” But clearly my pet methods in some areas need changes to be more effective.

So I'm open to abandoning them entirely at points, or a number of other tactics. Assuming, that is, that I don't get lazy. Which happens quite regularly.

All of that aside, and back on the sigils and “lust of result,” that's only a category that holds any weight in certain circumstances. Even the very basic jump from crafting sigils to that of making thought-form requires that you start keeping the sigils. What do you think you're going to use to re-summon your thoughtform, man?

It's got a sigil, and it's got a name. And assuming that you can still 'recall' that entity correctly, you can still make use of it as long as the sigil remains. If it “dies” – that is, ceases to respond – you can just make a new one with the old sigil. But where's the Lust of Result, a younger Faust might ask?

It doesn't exist. That's why you've made the jump from the sigil to the thoughtform, so that more 'variable' paths can be found for your manifestation, and so concerns about grounding out your work remains less vexing. Even better than that: there's these huge-ass books called Grimoires with (oh my god!) sigils and names of spirits in them... Which you can use, if you followed the proscribed methods (or similar methods), to summon said entities. Crazy, right?

In general, Lust of Result is a pervasive danger, but a minor one. When you're talking about thaumaturgy, the biggest danger is that your desire is going to find a path of manifestation that's detrimental to your physical or mental health. The love spell becomes a foci for obsession on the part of the person you'd wished to seduce; or you discover to your great horror that your money magick has just reified your status as an insurance beneficiary.

These are the things you want to avoid; so you enchant with money along very specific lines, or you conjure a job that allows you to make that money; or you decide that you don't really need to walk for six weeks and $30K is worth getting hit by some jackass. If your desire is love, then you might create a thought-form to advise you on which women in your life to pay attention to; if it's sex, you might learn to invoke Dionysos and visit a bar. (With condoms, of course.) But make sure not confuse the two; they are not the same, at all.

I used to manifest blindly, and kept wondering why I was getting slapped in the face. But the more I analyzed the things that had manifested, what I'd done, and what I desired the more I realized that it was my response to circumstance – and my way of analyzing circumstance – that was leading to my biggest blunders. And these blunders have included: bankrupting myself. I was worked at Taco Bell at the time, and discovered that living off Top Ramen for two weeks because you're a dumbass... Well, that just sucks.

So if you find your manifestations getting strange, and that you keep having recurrent issues... The thing I'd try to take away is that often the lesson is how you're approaching things, and how flexible or inflexible your ideas about what you need or want are. While painful and sometimes even dramatic – at other times merely obnoxious – these are some of the coolest lessons the universe has to give out. Because at the end of it, the entire structure of what see before you warps and changes so utterly that you can't imagine how you didn't see it before...


Rufus Opus said...

Right on.

Jason Miller, said...

Yes indeed.

If people spent half as much time working on strategic application as they do on acquiring new tech - everyone would be way better off.

S.L. Æris said...

It's like a college professor, why pay any attention to someone preserving tenure, their personal gnosis and access to the cash.

Fire and forget works. It works even better if you have utter immersion and interpretation in all the available symbol sets, however.

seraph said...

In my experience, it's not neccesary to forget a sigil as long as you don't consciously dwell on it. Sigils left in plain sight often disappear to the conscious mind. I use them as backgrounds on my phone and they quickly become 'just a design'. I feel that sigils for sentient beings are different, because they will do their work regardless of how much, or how little, you think about it.

Another way I've used them while being consciously aware of the meaning is to create a strobe-light effect in my mind's eye along with imagery related to my goal. It's worked for me with only a few seconds of effort to get an effect in a matter of minutes.

The key? Don't dwell on it. Fire and act like it's a fact. No need to think about it.