Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Piracy, Scarlet Imprint, and Occult Books.

Scarlet Imprint has dropped a blog-worthy bombshell in regards to piracy and their texts. It's worth a good look. And maybe another, better look afterward.

Now, my usual commentary on these things is as follows: those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. So... I am considering writing a short history on piracy and its intrinsic links to capitalism, and then maybe... present alternatives to what's entering play today. If I did so, would anyone want to read it?

Because let's be frank: the technology isn't going away. Either find a way to use it for your benefit, or be crushed by reality. Those are the only two options.


Jhonn Barghest said...

If you write it, I'll read it.

Norma said...

I'll read it.

Harold Roth said...

They aren't the only two options. There's another--a pay internet. This is being discussed by big publishers, such as Faux News. It would combine extra high-speed with access to subscriber-only content. Or just slap ads on everything everywhere and not allow any technology to block it.

I also know of individuals in the occult world who, because of ripoffs, do things like charge very high prices for classes, DVDs, and such in order to make up for what they lose through theft of their books. This theft is rampant and stupid beyond belief. One author contacted me through my blog to say that she had a book that had been torrented from one single site 35K times. Those would not all have been sales by any means, but some of them would. And her book was cheap, less than ten dollars to buy the paperback. People had to steal it? Really? They were that poor? Or they just had no respect for the work it represented?

I frankly wonder how many of these stolen works ever actually get read. It seems more like conspicuous consumption. Can't afford a flat-screen TV or other unnecessary doodad? Well, you can torrent Azoetia for nothing.

I've found my entire commercial site as a torrent. I really wonder why anyone would do that. I mean, people can visit my site and read everything there for NOTHING. They don't have to buy anything to do that. However, if they do visit it, even if they don't buy anything, it is a benefit for me, because it causes my site to be ranked higher in the search engines. Then when someone does want to buy something I sell, they can find it. But if it's all being torrented, that doesn't happen. You know how many times I have thought of just not selling anything on it anymore and turning it into a site full of ads? Shoot.

I've been working on a fricking book for a while now, and I keep wondering, if I ever finish the thing, will I publish it. Because if it will simply be torrented all over the place, why in the heck should I bother?

Mr Black said...

alas, that's how things are going - some people torrent things just for the sake of archiving things. i use to love reading the e-books from MAGE:The Ascension (Penny Dreadful) but when WHITE-WOLF renovated their website, the whole series was gone. I recently found it through torrent.

things like movies, videos, music & books are susceptible to this kind of things with growth of the internet - all we can do is learn and try to salvage the situation.

i, for one, is a musician by trade (if you can call this a real job, lol) but i don't expect money from CD sales at all and i'm always thinking of ways to make this somewhat profitable.

as well, it really depends on people - when i like something; i'd go out and buy it to support. (except for music, i was utterly devastated when i lost my CD collection, one of these days i'll find the culprit)