Thursday, September 9, 2010


(Hermes the Thief and Apollo the Tool with Cernunnos.)

See? She's right. He's still wearing boots.

I was surprised when reading Romans and Barbarians to discover that of the Gods kept by the Celts that became Roman federates, Cernunnos was one of their favorites. Because he has bling. And hangs out with Olympian Frat Boys (Apollo) and Thieves (Hermes), and rodents. Not because he had anything to do with fertility. And they, those converted Celts in Germania, became the Merchant class. Oh shit, son.

Also. This lightplate? It just doesn't say Sacred Sexuality to me. Sorry. I'd tell you what it says, but then I'd be being really, really mean.


Alexandra said...

I actually lol'd at this post. Damn your sense of humour is ace.

Lady Scylla said...

Or, it could be that back when a bunch of BTW started using the name "Cernnunos" (or rather a derivation of it) to described their fertile god with horns who's hetero-normative behavior tends to involve his boner quite a lot. Likely they chose it because it sounded better than calling him Lucifer, and still got the job done.

Just like the "drift" of Wicca, so has been the drift of Cerny. I like my horned god to have a huge rager, because my horned god has a huge rager. Then again, my horned god doesn't go by "Cernunnos" and his risen phallus is the unending ecstasy and delight of the fertile world, both it's pleasures and pains. Also it might be because he's been strangled at some point.

And I totally want the double switch plate. That's going in my temple. And I'm not joking. I'll even sculpt little penis switches.

V.V.F. said...

Perhaps you'd be interested in hearing the doctrine of David Bowie's Area, Scylla.

Also, remind me never to step foot in your temple.

Jack Faust said...

Scylla: It was Margaret Murray who gave modern Wicca its view of Cernunnos. I also hazard to note some BTW groups do not use Big C's name at all for their mask of the deity.

But while the drift began with Murray, was continued by the Wiccans, it has been by and large the Eclectics who have spread it the most efficiently and affectively. One has to admire, at the very least, the tenacy of D.J. Conway in providing useless information.

I do marvel, and often, that while the sins of the past may begin with a chosen few, they reach their zenith with the crowd of consumers.

Jack Faust said...

@Alexandra: Thanks!

Lady Scylla said...

@VVF - As a devotee of Labyrinth, I am all too familiar with David Bowie's Area.

Re: switchplate - I love to laugh. A lot. It's perhaps my favorite passtime. So, while above the door of my temple will rest a sign reading "Nature is red in tooth and claw, all who walk it's path shall bleed." there will also be penis switches. :P
Sort of a take on mirth and reverence - Penis switches and stoic warnings.