Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who's Lady Abigail and Why Am I Reading This?

So. Over the last week, a Priestess named Lady Abigail has been name-dropped by several pagans and others in my vacinity. Which normally clues me in to the idea that maybe I ought to pay attention.

As such I went and started reading her Witchvox articles. This article is probably my favorite. Here are some of my "favorite" quotes from it, too:
It does not seem to matter what tradition you may happen to work with; Eclectic, Druid, Celtic, Wiccan, and so forth, you have most likely been asked this question yourself.

Wait, wait. Celtic and eclectic are... traditions now?

But, the truth is, Satan is considered by many as evil personified. He is the enemy of their heavenly God. There are a few additional faiths that believe in a concept of an evil godlike being, although it has been my experience, that none of those give him such absolute power and reverence as those of the mainstream religions.

Confusing Manichean dualism with Christian doctrine: ten demerits. If you're going to discuss a subject, at least research it.

Numerous followers of the Bible consider Satan to be not only real, but also created by God to be ruler of Hell. Satan, the God of Hell, was put in this position of authority over all the horrors that occur in human life, via the God of Heaven. Satan is distinguished in this arrangement as the God of Evil. He is seen as a very real and valid part of these mainstream religions.
Wait... Wait, wait, wait. Just wait a second. This is all made-up nonsense!

It seems impossible to find any recorded history or sacred text, religious or otherwise, that gives reference to a Devil, Satan, Demon, or Lucifer, before or outside these mainstream religions.
Um. Do I need to start listing the majority of infernal, plague-bringer motherfuckers in Babylon and elsewhere that existed primarily to fuck shit up?

For thousands of years, the ancient knowledge was verbally passed from generation to generation. Yet, many of the stories, folklore, and teachings of the Gods and Goddesses are the same throughout history, with only cultural differences represented. This includes the majority of stories found in the Bible. Surprising, many (if not all) of the Bible stories we know today are found in ancient writings of numerous societies that pre-date the biblical writings by centuries. Yet, none of these speak of a Devil, not having the requirement of a God of Evil who could be blamed for the debauchery in the world.

I guess it's a bit much to ask for chronology. In fact, I'll stop with the next one:
No real physical description of Satan is ever given in the Bible. He is spoken of as evil, the father of lies, disobedience, and bringing all that is wicked. Perhaps this is why it can be said that the Devil has the power to take on many forms.
That would be because Satan is... actually... a title. I know. Isn't that mind-blowing? Lucifer also happens to be a title. In fact, Morning Star and Light Bringer are both titles that have been applied to Christ. Neither name actually refers to a discrete entity, insofar as a singularity is concerned, until the Church fathers themselves drummed up Satan to a degree. But that, uh, that... that doesn't mean there weren't demons, evil gods, or mofos on the Astral out for some kicks while they Troll IRL.

I'm going to stop now. Really. In fact, I'm going to pass on reading these two other essays, because this wasn't... just bad. This was straight up terrible to read.


Z. E. Accordino said...

There's so much random stuff that many Christians accept as part of their theology but that is nowhere in the Bible. :sigh:

I think she's been reading a little too much of the crescent moon. I bet a quick search of mythology on wikipedia would yield more facts.

Veles said...

So often more Devil and Satan obsessed than the most fanatic of Jack Chic type Christians.

Sad, really.

One of the many reasons why I want WitchVox to disappear.

the Hellfires said...

Ahem .... there is a vivid description of the devil in the bible ... the whole last book (Revelations .. my personal favorite)of it turns around it. People should at least read the bible before they expound on its contents.

Jack Faust said...

@Valentine: I'd forgotten about the discussion regarding the Dragon in John of Patmos' Revelations. I believe there's a description of Satan in one of the Books of Kings, too.

Z.E.: Forgive me, but... What do you mean by I think she's been reading a little too much of the crescent moon?

@Veles: I want Witchvox to disappear because they have no editorial policies, and they produce mostly trash. LOL. I'll say it up front, too.

Z. E. Accordino said...

I'm just saying it sounds like she got her info out of a Llewellyn book.

Jack Faust said...

@ZE: I wouldn't disagree. Glancing at her profile quickly makes that quite clear.