Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Temporary Service Interruption

My video card was probably going out. I checked windows settings, installed new drivers, etc. And the error (my monitor - and a secondary test monitor - would fall into "power saving mode" despite it being turned off, and then refuse to come back on) has only gotten worse. So, given that I get paid tomorrow, it'll be time to invest in a new video card. And maybe some new RAM. Or maybe not...

In any event, I've "sort've" been writing a few blogs while away. In that, I've written down a few good ideas and haven't followed them up in the least.

I'll be back to writing and harassing people shortly.


Pallas Renatus said...

It may be worth throwing a few extra fans in your case as well, if you have room for them. Video cards are more likely to be damaged by overheating because unlike most processors, they don't (generally) shut themselves off automatically when they get too hot.

Z. E. Accordino said...

What Pallas said. That's what happened to mine when I was playing WoW constantly. FYI, wrapping ice packs in towels and putting them under your computer is a sneaky way to get some use out of your card until it can be replaced... or until it totally melts.