Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion & Such.

I've written stuff in response to Kenaz and R.O.

You might like it. You might not.

But it's gotten me considering trying to write about "initiation" vs. "self initiation," and "using systems" vs. "trying to go your own way."

I don't know if I feel... up to it or not. We'll see. But if people have thoughts on those matters, I'd love to hear them.


PhoenixAngel said...

That wasnt shameless! It was a very nice post.

I have been doing the (self) initiation for GD by the Ciceros, so its kinda like a self initiation within a system. At first, I had a little resentment because I couldnt get into a lodge, which fueled my drive to "trying to go (my) own way". Its alot of work and I have had to sacrifice alot of idle/meaningless but I enjoy the work. Its really helped

Norma said...

That's good stuff.

I'm dying to know more about the Black Dog situation btw if you ever want to share more. Terribly curious.

Jack Faust said...

@Norma: What do you want to know about Glass? I'm willing to share. *laughs* Just not sure what to share.

Jack Faust said...

@PA: The Ciceros material is definitely a form of self-initiation into a system. (I've been watching your blog posts with interest, actually. I just rarely comment because I'm creepy like that.)

What was your trouble with getting into a lodge, if I might ask?