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Blogs Entries, Responses, & Vincent Price

My last two blog entries got a few interesting responses, and I felt like making a few comments here before writing the last, and purely humorous, section.

Straw Wise (Wo/)Men

One of the people reading my last EI.Net blog entry sent me an email due to wanting to avoid my ire, which kind've made me rethink some of the ways that I've been wording things. So I think that I'm going to have to work on being nicer, and more inclusive. Granted, I'll probably never manage to phrase things as nicely as Gordon does, but perhaps toning down my verbal vitriol would help more than a bit.

In any event, she wanted to know just how many Hispanic/Latina females I knew, as she was a bit concerned that I might be over-stating things or creating straw wise-women. She was extremely surprised when I responded, “does family count?”

When I was five, my mother married a slender, awkward man who'd come to America for school from Peru. For me, it meant that I got to hear about a magical far-away land where the Inca Empire had stretched throughout the Andes mountains, and pushed even into the jungles. (At the age of five, my “imaginary friend” started causing too much chaos and so, reputedly, I exiled his ass to Peru.) For my mother, it meant working two jobs to try and help put him through school.

I'm sad about the way I responded to things when I was a kid and a teenager, sometimes. I had a chance to become fully fluent in Spanish, as my sister is. But my little power struggles with my stepfather, and my rejection of many of his lesser qualities lead me, at the time, to miss out on the more glorious aspects of being raised in a bi-cultural home. Mind you, he abandoned his Catholicism on this shore (it turns out, going to a Catholic school in Peru isn't always great; those Nuns can be mean), and discovered that even Christians could be bigots here, leading him to live with the mindset of an Atheist. Many of our fights over the years were over whether or not I was doing things the right way, and so you can probably see even where a huge degree of my rejection of certain mental tendencies leads.

I probably have him to thank for many of both my better qualities, and my less impressive ones. I've been trying to figure out what to do about him recently, in all honesty, which leads me to reflect on his culture and what I took and what I rejected. What always seemed odd to me was that my stepfather, who clearly loved his country, family, and culture very much stilled tried his best to be an “All American Dad,” and I sometimes wonder if that was the biggest issue between us. No, that's not it. I don't know. I'm going to drop this subject in public. Anyway...

I haven't even mentioned V.V.F. or her wonderful Puerto Rican family yet... So, if you wanted something like an a solid figure that I made my estimate from: I know somewhere around 90 Latina/ Hispanic women to varying degrees. If not more. I don't even know if I get to count casual acquaintances. I'm also quite odd, and people have this very strange tendency to tell me things. So I hear all kinds of weird shit that I never expect to... It must be a hypnotically induced kind've thing. Like the sight of my hair convinces people that I'm “Good People” and that I need to know every detail of their lives...

One last thing: people dislike the idea that Llamas are not, well, nice animals. Listen to me: Llamas hate your existence, and they spit and kick just like donkeys and camels. Furthermore, the spit is a tight ball about the size of a tennis ball, and it smells like vomit. This is their favorite method for punishing the unwary that come toward them as if they're mystically enlightened and loving creatures. Unless you want a sizable wad of spit hitting your face at several miles per hour, I suggest that you never go and try to pet a Llama.

It'll fuck your shit up, man.

Glenn Beck, and Politics.

My last post wasn't intended to be political. I apologize if it comes off as such. I'm looking at actions and broadcasted intents, and the divergence between the two. I hoped to use that as a jumping point for my criticism of the over-use of historical “dream-world” figures.

Like I've said before, I immediately become skeptical of someone when they post a blog that's meant to sound loving, and they use the image of MLK, Gandhi, or a similar such figure to heighten the impact of that post. The comparison here is between “powerful symbolic figures,” and using them to energize one's work. In most cases, this is instinctive for many, many people. However, if that figure is being used out of context – or worse, if the context of their words and actions isn't understood – then it's essentially a perversion of the symbol, the figure, and their words and actions.

In other words: it's practically the reverse of what they did, and I don't just consider such things to be distasteful. I consider them to be manipulative, even if the person doing the action doesn't realize what they're doing. We've been trained to see “Good” things and turn off our critical filters, and so there are a number of individuals who know how to take advantage of this. One might compare it to the “Holy Bible Salesmen” that proliferated throughout the US during the 1950s, or to any good con-artist. If you can make someone stop thinking and convince them that you'd never betray them, then you can spin them any way you wish.

I'm simply disgusted when someone does it without realizing it, and I try to mostly leave it alone. When an occultist or witch does it, I consider the act inexcusable. We know what symbols have power. We know how people respond to that. We know better than to pass off hate as love. And what's more, we know better than to tell Tall Tales unless Tall Tales are called for. Or maybe I'm wrong.

In any event: the message wasn't supposed to be political. Nor religious. In this case, I had thought it'd help elucidate my concerns. But I think that in this case, it backfired and most of you felt I was discussing straight politics.

The Magickal Order of Vincent Price

During the confluence of the last Seventeen and a Half Internet-Aeons, the viziers of the HedKult have discovered that the final, and last Pure Transmission of Occulted Wisdom was – ironically enough – revealed through the films made by Hammer Pictures in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

As such it has been decided that the HedKult shall form as it's Outer Order the “Magickal Order of Vincent Price,” dedicated to the dissemination of this material so as to change the Course of History Itself!

You may join the Order for the paltry sum of $777 USD (no refunds; souls may be bartered in lieu of cold, hard cash) and be given access to the following Forbidden Secrets, Hidden Wisdom, and Useless Knowledge:

  • The Order's Manuscripts: Learn about the forth-coming neo-Pagan rapture in 2012, the Apocalyptic Tidings that Prove The End is Nigh, and that we're All Pretty Much Fucked. [Faust's Note: none of the manuscript material should be treated as Gospel Truth. Unfortunately, we all went quite mad years ago.]

  • Learn the Kabalistic Cross as performed by Christopher Lee in The Devil Rides Out.

  • Decipher the Hidden Keys to the Secrets Locks of the Universe with a full collection of Hammer films.

  • Your own Black Turban!

  • Become eligible to gather with the Order's Secret Vassals in the ruins of Alamut every five years! Gatherings may or may not include enough drugs to make the CIA quite nervous.

  • Your own Magickal Order of Vincent Price key chain!

  • A certificate signed by Jack Faust declaring you an Adept, and thus exempt from all Online Debates regarding whether or not you are a proper Magician.

  • Some lint from V.V.F.'s purse.

  • A piece of paper with a strange sigil on it that you'll never quite understand, but will make you somewhat nervous.

  • Access to Nefarious Lore kept for Uncertain Purposes.

  • A ballpoint pen without any ink, with which you may not record the details of your pursuits.

  • Yes, you too may become an Illuminated Seer through the imprecise, probably bullshit methods of madmen! Why wait! Join today!

    Saturday, August 28, 2010

    August 28th, 2010

    Forty seven years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps on the Lincoln Memorial and gave his I have a dream speech.

    Unfortunately, it's not 1963. And today, standing two steps down, the would-be Messianic moron Glenn Beck is giving his speech in which he promises to take back the Civil Rights movement.

    Two things come to mind:

    1. What the fuck was Glenn Beck actually doing in 1963? I have trouble believing it was standing up for oppressed folks.
    2. This is exactly the reason that I become skeptical when people invoke MLK, Gandhi, Jesus, and other such peace-grokking dudes. Some of them really are... Well, no matter who's wisdom is dripping from his brainless mouth, we can always be sure that Glenn Beck will never, actually, have a brain.

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Temporary Service Interruption

    My video card was probably going out. I checked windows settings, installed new drivers, etc. And the error (my monitor - and a secondary test monitor - would fall into "power saving mode" despite it being turned off, and then refuse to come back on) has only gotten worse. So, given that I get paid tomorrow, it'll be time to invest in a new video card. And maybe some new RAM. Or maybe not...

    In any event, I've "sort've" been writing a few blogs while away. In that, I've written down a few good ideas and haven't followed them up in the least.

    I'll be back to writing and harassing people shortly.

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    I was told to write this down somewhere. EDITED.

    “It's not as if I doubt the efficiency of your, uh, 'hereditary lemur familiar', but... It's not as if it's exactly traditional, now is it? I mean, how many of our distant European ancestors even saw a lemur?”

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Shameless Self Promotion & Such.

    I've written stuff in response to Kenaz and R.O.

    You might like it. You might not.

    But it's gotten me considering trying to write about "initiation" vs. "self initiation," and "using systems" vs. "trying to go your own way."

    I don't know if I feel... up to it or not. We'll see. But if people have thoughts on those matters, I'd love to hear them.

    Sunday, August 8, 2010


    J, Norager... I have no idea who you are. Seriously. However. I love your blog.

    Now: I think your blog is making me love your blog. Kudos to that. But I both consensually, and non-consensually in that case, love your blog.

    Regardless. I love your blog. And I just wanted to say that.

    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Who's Lady Abigail and Why Am I Reading This?

    So. Over the last week, a Priestess named Lady Abigail has been name-dropped by several pagans and others in my vacinity. Which normally clues me in to the idea that maybe I ought to pay attention.

    As such I went and started reading her Witchvox articles. This article is probably my favorite. Here are some of my "favorite" quotes from it, too:
    It does not seem to matter what tradition you may happen to work with; Eclectic, Druid, Celtic, Wiccan, and so forth, you have most likely been asked this question yourself.

    Wait, wait. Celtic and eclectic are... traditions now?

    But, the truth is, Satan is considered by many as evil personified. He is the enemy of their heavenly God. There are a few additional faiths that believe in a concept of an evil godlike being, although it has been my experience, that none of those give him such absolute power and reverence as those of the mainstream religions.

    Confusing Manichean dualism with Christian doctrine: ten demerits. If you're going to discuss a subject, at least research it.

    Numerous followers of the Bible consider Satan to be not only real, but also created by God to be ruler of Hell. Satan, the God of Hell, was put in this position of authority over all the horrors that occur in human life, via the God of Heaven. Satan is distinguished in this arrangement as the God of Evil. He is seen as a very real and valid part of these mainstream religions.
    Wait... Wait, wait, wait. Just wait a second. This is all made-up nonsense!

    It seems impossible to find any recorded history or sacred text, religious or otherwise, that gives reference to a Devil, Satan, Demon, or Lucifer, before or outside these mainstream religions.
    Um. Do I need to start listing the majority of infernal, plague-bringer motherfuckers in Babylon and elsewhere that existed primarily to fuck shit up?

    For thousands of years, the ancient knowledge was verbally passed from generation to generation. Yet, many of the stories, folklore, and teachings of the Gods and Goddesses are the same throughout history, with only cultural differences represented. This includes the majority of stories found in the Bible. Surprising, many (if not all) of the Bible stories we know today are found in ancient writings of numerous societies that pre-date the biblical writings by centuries. Yet, none of these speak of a Devil, not having the requirement of a God of Evil who could be blamed for the debauchery in the world.

    I guess it's a bit much to ask for chronology. In fact, I'll stop with the next one:
    No real physical description of Satan is ever given in the Bible. He is spoken of as evil, the father of lies, disobedience, and bringing all that is wicked. Perhaps this is why it can be said that the Devil has the power to take on many forms.
    That would be because Satan is... actually... a title. I know. Isn't that mind-blowing? Lucifer also happens to be a title. In fact, Morning Star and Light Bringer are both titles that have been applied to Christ. Neither name actually refers to a discrete entity, insofar as a singularity is concerned, until the Church fathers themselves drummed up Satan to a degree. But that, uh, that... that doesn't mean there weren't demons, evil gods, or mofos on the Astral out for some kicks while they Troll IRL.

    I'm going to stop now. Really. In fact, I'm going to pass on reading these two other essays, because this wasn't... just bad. This was straight up terrible to read.

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    Is there any escape from those damned Gregorians?

    Okay, so. Here's what I know: the last three days of the Greek lunar calendar's months were all considered to be the best days with working with the “lower world,” or the cthonic world, or the world of the dead. Or whatever. These were oriented around the new moon.

    However: the specifics of how the Greek lunar calendar worked? No idea about those. I'm aware that our idea of what the new moon is divergent from what a fellow in ancient Greece would have meant, as well.

    Nonetheless, I still find myself desiring to know when those days are, and orient the dedications I make to the dead and work of similar matters around that time-frame. As such: is anyone aware of where I might find more information on this subject? Even better, is there a website that would transpose such a calendar with our current Gregorian one?