Friday, July 23, 2010



Ignore the header. I grabbed a free layout (which fixed the changes I made when it self-updated... weird.), and so I'll have to cannibalize it at various times in the next few weeks so i doesn't look like total crap.

There's also only four entries up at the moment, and one of them because today is today.

But, you know what? Time to stop sitting on my hands.

EDIT: If your blog isn't linked, and you want it on the "blog roll" list, or on the eventual "Black Brotherhood" page either drop me a link with a link, or for the second, give me a banner for your blog. If I like it (and it's rare that I dislike blogs, actually), I'll be sure to add you.


Norma said...

Spiffy, I like the new layout a lot.

I'd love to be on the blog roll if you've a mind & think I'd fit.

Mr Black said...

hello, check out my blog as well and then decide if i can be on your blog roll. :)

Jack Faust said...

@Norma: Added!

@Mr. Black: Welcome aboard, man. Always nice to see another Chaotic type looming about with a love of Constantine (if I'm guessing correctly) and cigarettes.

Psyche said...

Thanks for including!

One request: please post full feeds.

I recall reading in various Blogging FTW-type sites that hit count actually increases when you post full feeds, because people are reading your content, and clicking to make intelligent replies.

With partial feeds, people skim headers rather than click on the link to read the rest of the post. If they're anything like me, they may have several hundred blogs they're following, and not have the time/interest to click on each partial feed to find out if it's worth reading.

Which is a shame, because you write great stuff, and I do want to read it.

Just a request. ;)

Jack Faust said...

@Psyche: I love Plutonica, honestly.

And I believe I've fixed the feed issue. Thank you very much for the compliments and the feedback.

Psyche said...

Excellent, thanks Jack!

Mr Black said...

hahaha, you are correct - constantine is awesome, a true chaote at heart. (which reference tipped you off?)

peace out. :)

Norma said...

Thanks for the add!