Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fiction and Aion

Regarding the last blog entry I was asked: “Now, what ritual were you doing and why?”

I was a little flummoxed at first. The last entry was almost entirely fictitious. And I suppose this requires a bit of an explanation...

I woke up about as annoyed as possible yesterday, largely with a specific person. (You're probably not that person.) I was annoyed enough that one of the possibilities I found myself considering was throwing my weight in the exact opposite direction of what they wanted. And this was, honestly, kind've unnecessary. They'd done what they'd done out of sheer stupidity, and I should not have been surprised that they were trying to buck accountability by bothering me. And, being as it wasn't the first time, I should have expected an exact simulacrum of the past.

So rather than do anything nasty, I decided to write something tongue in cheek. And I began with what came to mind, and then rounded everything around the question: “What is the most pompous magician I can dream up, but who still isn't a bad guy?”

Enter Fr. Pontificus Albinus Rex: “Brother Pontificating White King.” I imagine him looking like Christopher Lee, as a matter of fact. To heighten this, I grabbed memes that float around blogspot. “Christ is King,” taken as literal, was one that I recalled. And so it got used.

I've also seriously considered how many Grimoire authors and Renaissance occult authors had shaky hands. Because I was 17 once, and worrying about that made a lot of sense. It got used. (I chose Agrippa mostly because RO mentions him as much as I mention Austin Spare. For roughly the same reasons. Agrippa just... wrote more.)

The bits about Christ come from Morton Smith; the entity itself is something that probably does exist, but I've never met anything like it. I made that crap up almost entirely. The references to Moina Mathers and the Nephilim were totally deliberate, and largely because I have a perverse sense of humor.

But in retrospect, I did recently do a ritual that had an anthropomorphic entity attached to it, and led to a feeling of bliss. I did it between six to eight weeks ago, on a Sunday when the impulse hit. There was about a five minute vision state, but it was largely gibberish. No actual mirrors were involved, and there was a surprising lack of circles, too. (Gasp! Shock! Awe!)

I'm not convinced it worked. It'll take a few more tries before I formulate any thoughts. However, as it involves Aion, and it's lovely, I'll throw it in this blog. The Coptic bit at the top is not original to the ritual. The ritual may turn up again, later. We'll see.


- Coptic Prayer

“I praise you, the one and blessed of the eons and father of the world with cosmic prayers. Come to me, you who filled the whole universe with air, who hung up the fire from the heavenly water and separated the earth from the water. Pay attention, form, spirit, earth and sea, to a word from the one who is wise concerning divine Necessity, and accept my words as fiery darts, because I am a man, the most beautiful creature of the god in heaven, made out of the spirit, dew, and earth. Heaven, be opened; accept my words. Listen, Helios, father of the world, I call upon you with the name AŌ EY ĒOI AIOE YEŌA OUORZARA LAMANTHATRĒ KANTHIOPER / GARPSARTHRĒ MENLARDAPA KENTHĒR DRYOMEN THRANDRĒTHRĒ IABE ZELANTHI BER ZATHRĒ ZAKENTI BIOLLITHRĒ AĒŌ OYŌ EŌ OŌ RAMIATHA AEŌ OYŌ OYO ŌAYŌ: the only one having the original element. You are the holy and powerful name considered sacred by all the angels; protect me, (practitioner's name), from every excess of power and from every violent act. Yes, do this, lord, god of gods, IALDOAZAŌ BLATHAM MACHŌR PHRIX AĒ KEŌPH EĒA DYMEŌ PHERPHRITHŌ IACHTHŌ PSYCHEŌ PHIRITHMEŌ RŌSERŌTH THAMASTRAPHATI RIMPSAŌCH IALTHE MEACHI ARBATHANŌPS, creator of the world, creator of the universe, lord, god of gods, MARMARIŌ IAŌ. I have spoken of your unsurpassed glory, you who created gods, archangels, and decans. The ten thousands of angels stood by you and exalted the heaven, the lord witnessed to your Wisdom, which is Aion, IEOYĒŌĒ IAĒAIĒŌĒYOEI, and said that you are the sky to the depth of the earth; save me, for you are always ever rejoicing in saving those who are yours, ATHĒZE PHŌI AAA DAIAGTHI THĒOBIS PHIATH THAMBRAMI ABROATH / CHTHOLCHIL THOE OELCHŌTH THIOOĒMCH CHOOMCH SAESI ISACHCHOE IEROUTHRA OOOOO AIOAI. I call upon you, the one on the gold leaf, before whole the unquenchable lamp continually burns, the great God, the one who shone on the whole world, who is radiant at Jerusalem, lord, IAŌ AIĒ IŌĒ ŌIĒ ŌIĒ IĒ AI ŌIĒ AI AI OYŌ AŌĒ ĒEI IEO ĒYŌ AĒI AŌ AŌA AEĒI YŌ EIĒ / AĒO IEY AEĒ IAIA IAŌ EY AEY IAĒ EI AAA III ĒĒĒ IŌ IŌĒ IAŌ, for a blessing, lord.”

- Prayer to Aion. (Betz, The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation: Vol 1. p. 61)

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Rufus Opus said...

I chose Agrippa mostly because RO mentions him as much as I mention Austin Spare. For roughly the same reasons. Agrippa just... wrote more.

And better. ;)

Totally kidding, Spare's one of my heroes. Though I doubt I've read anywhere nearly as much of his stuff as you, he's definitely in my top 10 favorite fictional magicians alongside Iamblichus, Agrippa, and Crowley. Spare doesn't get any press on my blog for two reasons, maybe three.

FIRST, everything he says was said already in a mostly-Hermetic context by ... Agrippa! There's not one technique Spare advocates that isn't found in Agrippa. And Agrippa says it with a much vaster, broader, deeper context that is more meaningful to me.

SECOND, it would encourage people to go looking for stuff that mentions Spare. I know better than to expect people to actually go to a direct source based on references, they end up going to second-hand interpretations, and most of those about Spare that I've seen have been written by Chaos Magicians of the worser variety. You know. Them

And MAYBE THIRD, he's got you talking about him in a meaningful way. He doesn't need me. Agrippa's got a few modern day Waites advocating for him. He needs someone who can say fuck AND travel the spheres standing up for him in today's occult world. Otherwise he gets ignored and a fast-talking slacker can take one chapter and write three watered down useless books that clutter up the good stuff in the occult section of the book store. Er, digital library. I'm saving silicon, here, man!