Thursday, July 8, 2010

As Another Aside

Mr. VI has unleashed Cold Albion, his new blog, upon the world. Proving that he's far, far less lazy than I.

And yes. I'll start responding to emails and such again soon. I just got... distracted... By Dragon Age. Which allowed me to earn these achievements and feel special: Last of Your Line Last of Your LineLast of Your Line

I failed to unlock the rogue armor in the Leliana's Song downloadable content. So, of course, I need to do that. Because, you know, I'm totally above trivial pursuits. Really.


Gordon said...

Priorities are overrated anyway.

Also, congratulations on the shiny.

Mr VI said...

-Dear universe, where has Jack gone?

-Well VI, he's in Ferelden.

-Again? It's Morrigan again isn't it? Or has his man-crush on Zevran escalated beyond his ability to control?


-What? Can't you just see Jack getting it on with Zevran? Curly haired Lucifer-loving occultist seeks pervy but deadly elf-rogue for dodgy behaviour?

-I hate you VI.

-I know universe, I know.

Susanne Iles said...

ahahahaha! Dragon Age...gods I love that game. It's probably taken up more time in my life than I'd ever truthfully admit....