Thursday, June 3, 2010

Minus a tooth, and with a head full o' nothin'.

Well, that damned tooth got removed. (I'm honestly feeling better already.)

However, I've got a few days left of opiates and such... so... Now's a great time to ask Formspring questions that you'd worry I might mock you for. Trust me, I'll PROBABLY be far too jovial to mock anyone.

And Renee, if you're reading this, I'll still write that blog for you. No worries.

(On the other hand: I won't be discussing God today, because I just don't think a drug-filled haze is the right... artistic element for attempting to describe the cosmos... meaningfully today.)


Gordon said...


Your own answer may surprise you. :)

Rufus Opus said...

You should always take time in a drug addled haze to write something about God. Whether you decide to publish it later depends a great deal on how many analogies between the pink bunnie pilots of the Pleiadeians and the Enochian Angels pop up in the description, of course.