Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Addendum

I seem to have forgotten a few key factors:

Who do I like? I still really like Edward Wilson and Wes Unrah's The Art of Memetics. You can purchase it (if you choose to) in softback, hardback or read it for free on the 'net! I'm not going to label the work, since I've made a mistake about that in the past...

Speaking of which: Patrick Dunn does not desire to be lumped in with Chaos Magicians. He's totally more of a “Hermeticist.” I know because I caught the remark in a comment on a blog I'm too lazy to find at the moment. I'll make sure not to misrepresent him again.

And finally:

The Ice Magick Wars.”

Jesus. What, do you people think it was some sort've holy fucking event for Chaos Magicians? That we've all “ooh'd” and “ahh'd” over it since it happened? Please. That'd be like if I judged the Golden Dawn due to that silly fiasco that went down in London...

Involving Aleister Crowley in a kilt, “infilterating” a lodge in his rain slick with climbing gear... (Was he also carrying a sword? I'm too lazy to check my copy of Do What Thou Wilt...)

While funny, these things hardly rate as holy or worthy of note beyond the occasional giggle. If you want to have a serious discussion, keep the discourse serious.

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Lady Scylla said...

I'm a formal initiate and I still call myself a Chaote. Because that's the mother-tongue. It's what I will always go back to when Hedgewitchery or Crooked Path Sorcery doesn't do what I need it to do.

"In addendum" - we've always been the bad kids. The rotten little targs no one else wants to deal with. And for that, they can feast upon my taint. I have a link that sums it up nicely: