Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A burning question has ignited in my mind- on the topic of discussing the contents of a spell during their manifestation period; intuitively I feel as if that's generally a bad idea and can damage the integrity of a spell. What have you to say on this?

I think this subject is more dependent on what you're doing than on the ritual, spell, or desire. For the most part my answer would be: “yes.”

In many cases you want to, as the Chaotes used to babble about, “fire and forget.” In short, the act of simply not thinking about what you're doing is meant to shut the sigilized desire, spell, or ritual back into your unconscious mind – which then spits it out into reality in one way or another. In this instance the mind is a bit like a pressure cooker: the faster the pressure/heat (the desire being forced into the deeps of the mind if you will) builds, the faster you'll get your result.

If you discuss or constantly think about the desire, you're about to get an apt lesson in what Aleister Crowley calls Lust of Result. This lust essentially pulls the desire back into your conscious mind and holds it prisoner there. You've just grounded your desire and now it has no impetus by which the event may happen.

On the other hand: sometimes you might want to play with how the interplay and exchange of words and thoughts with others impacts the desire itself, and the result. You might, for example, hide your “magickal work” inside a piece of art that you throw on the internet, or place it for all to see in a text-based discourse on your blog. My experiences with the latter is that it can only be problematic in that others are involved and you may be creating “psychic links” as they do your work for you. Whether or not this is relevant is something I'm still figuring out. However, my various experiments with doing such things caused a number of responses:

  1. A certain minority of “Internet Magicians” have, at various times, caught my empowerment going on and promptly Freaked Out on me complete with accusations that I was BEING EVIL. Most of them were stupid or paranoid and I didn't want their empowerment anyway. But their accusations certainly helped me get a little bit better at revealing the nature of what I was doing (“This blog entry is charged. Enjoy at your own risk.”) while keeping the desire itself masked, which meant that the desire was empowered and less accusations of “Mind Control Magicks” occurred.

  2. The majority of blog readers themselves won't even notice. It slips in under the radar no matter how openly you make the nature of your work known simply because they have absolutely no idea that it could be done.

  3. Results can be... explosive. Every once in a while folks will super-charge the intent so much that just about anyone with the proper “eye” can notice it, and right about then you get struck by the manifestation as if blind-sided. Often long before it's expected. To counter-balance this, I try to anchor my manifestation point with either an Emotional State or Time itself. That is, I choose an exact momentary feeling in which I wish to experience to trigger the Work, and then wait to see what pops.

Psychic links aside: art, blogs, etc., all can be used as “Engines of Desire” whereby the trade of Information or Art for the Desire is the unstated element. In this case, anyone reading your blog is also engaging in an act of magick (whether or not they're aware). There's certain moral qualms on this level, and I leave it to practitioners themselves to decide how to use this information. But I've found that if you begin using these techniques, you find yourself losing the desire to do it constantly since you only want specific things at specific times. For me, I like charging up entries to meet another individual or individuals; or to find a specific book (and I make sure to visit the bookstore within three days), etc. I would not necessarily recommend it for entity work at all, as it might unknowingly introduce your readers to something that they may react negatively to. (Thus depriving you of blog readers.)

In this case, however, it's all about presentation and reaction rather than the spell. So even by focusing on those earlier two points, you're dismissing the desire itself. And, sometimes, defeating lust of result. Remember that narrative is one of the most powerful things you can make use of in the latter instances.


Frater POS said...

I have talked about the magick before I do it, after it is done and while it is in progress. I've never noticed a difference in effect. Then again, sometimes, my intuition tells me to be silent and I am. Given I'm always yaking away, few people notice.

Norma said...

I don't often talk about things in the works, because it feels kinda dumb (if it is going right). When I can 'put it down' and really have the feeling that it's a done deal as they say, it then seems goofy to talk about it. If I feel the urge to talk about it, it tells me that I'm not in the right place resolve-wise with the working. But then, in this as in all things, YMMV.

I am totally fascinated with the idea of a collaborative working via charged posts. Please share, if you are willing, how you do this or the source where this information may be found? Maybe I'm behind the times but this is new to me.

Stephen Roberts said...
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