Monday, May 10, 2010

How many models does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Following the intense discussions across Blogspot/Wordpress, in which Jason Miller, “Brotha B.”, Gordon and others have all given their views on the matter...

... Psyche (from has posted an article discussing her thoughts on the matter.

(Insane ranting that was deleted because it was clearly unnecessary and was about no specific person in particular.)


Ahem. Most magical systems these days are actually meta-models. That is all.

EDITED: To be less rude.

Also: a new Irreality?! You have my interest, Mr. Chaoflux. Lemme know if I can help with anything.


Gordon said...

Yep. Got that right.

For obvious reasons I get mildly annoyed when chaos magic takes on the form of everything people don't like about meta-modelling but never any of the good stuff.

They're all meta-models now, as you say.

And I reckon that is down to a much wider cultural shift over the last thirty years rather than any particular occultural schools of thought.

Psyche said...

That post was written in the fall of last year to further clarify how atheism and magick can (and do) happily co-exist. It's only real purpose was to address that topic.

I'll have to look at some of the other links you've posted. (I hope I can get to it before I leave.)

Psyche said...

(Incidentally, I have no idea why it took so long to be published. I thought it was going to be in last year's Yule issue of Rending the Veil.)

Jack Faust said...

@Gordon: I'd tend to agree. Culturally speaking, we're less likely to self-isolate in some cases. The advent of the Internet has made it so that just about every nation is simultaneously in contact with each other. The world's become "smaller," so to speak as we've advanced technologically. This means that some of the basic assumptions we've made, culturally and socially, have become threatened by the emergence of the realization that we're not all so different.

On the other hand: the combination of the Tea Bagger movement in America and its associations with racial seperatism and idiot fucks that want a race war (and yeah, that's totally an up-coming enraged blog entry) seems to keep me from being overly optimistic.

When it's time for omlettes, some eggs always get cracked. I just hope it's the right eggs for the job in the next 10 years.

Jack Faust said...

@Psyche: I actually had no idea! I apologize for falsely connecting you to a current you weren't attached to! (Nice synchronicity, though, even if the article was slow in coming out.)

Sheta said...

My apologies to Psyche and for the misunderstanding. It's my fault that the article was so late in being published. I'm the sole proprietor of Rending the Veil (which only exists because of the contributors' great content), one of many things I'm busy with, and I'm terribly, horribly disorganized. I know it and I try, but despite a real yearning for organization I seem to lack the talent to maintain any sense of order.

Maybe someday I'll be able to hire an assistant. One can dream. Meanwhile, a reminder is always welcome if it seems I'm about to drop the ball (or already have).

Psyche said...

No worries, Sheta. Just establishing that this was written long before for a different purpose than was assumed. :)