Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Eldritch Influence dot Net

(Sorcerer) My Black Brother” by Jay LeRoy.

A “hypothetical” situation: You find yourself one day on the back porch, which slopes slightly. You're dressed in a black hooded sweater, and black trench-coat unceremoniously draped over you, with a black dress shirt and black slacks on. And suddenly, in a moment, it seizes you!You lift your hand or fist toward the moon, full on this Monday night, and shout defiantly: “I. Have. The. Power!

And then, as you've been puzzling this out slowly, it begins to dawn completely on you: “I... have the... power?”

Good God, man! Who let you of all people have power? What manner of celestial fuck-up is this? And what the hell is 'power', anyway? If you have the power to create, doesn't that mean that now, of all times, you're potentially at the worst place ever?

All right, hoss:
The first stage of your career, composed of honing technique and making things come to life and work for you, has been completed. Maybe it took a while. Maybe it didn't. The point is you've done it. You're a witch, or a magician, or a shaman. Whatever you want to call it: you've done it. You've gotten those skills down pat, and learned from the mistakes you've made. You've reclaimed your birthright. You totally have the power.

But what now? What the hell to do now? And then it comes to you...


Eldritch: Pronunciation: \ˈel-drich\:

Function: Adjective
weird, eerie whose voice had risen to a kind of eldritch singsong — R. L. Stevenson>
2. Strange or unearthly; eerie.
Origin: 1500–10; earlier elrich, equiv. to OE el-foreign, strange, uncanny (see else) + rīce kingdom (see rich); hence “of a strange country, pertaining to the Otherworld”; cf. OE ellende in a foreign land,exiled (c. G Elend penury, distress), Runic Norse alja-markir: “foreigner.”

c.1500, apparently somehow from elf.
“Race of powerful supernatural beings in Gmc. folklore,” O.E. elf, ælf, from P.Gmc. *albiz, origin unknown, possibly from PIE *albho- “white.” A popular component in Anglo-Saxon names, many of which survive as modern given names and surnames, cf. Ælfræd “Elf-counsel” (Alfred), Ælfwine “Elf-friend” (Alvin), Ælfric “Elf-ruler” (Eldridge), also women's names such as Ælfflæd “Elf-beauty.” Elf Lock hair tangled, especially by Queen Mab, “which it was not fortunate to disentangle” [according to Robert Nares' glossary of Shakespeare] is from 1592.


Function: Noun
The capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others: He used family influence to get the contract.
The action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others: Her mother's influence made her stay.
A person or thing that exerts influence: He is an influence for the good.
The radiation of an ethereal fluid from the stars, regarded as affecting human actions and destinies.
The exercise of occult power by the stars, or such power as exercised.
The exercise of similar power by human beings.


A few things came to mind: first, Jason's comments about the length of some of the things I write and my own thoughts on the matter. Jason was right; I don't think blogspot is the right, err, location for my lengthier topics. Being that I had totally already purchased a domain and webspace for VVF and I, a thought occurred to me: why not put the lengthier thoughts there, and keep this blog for sampling them, answering formspring questions and so forth. So...

If you're going to do something, you might as well do it to the best of your ability. You might as well have the right staging ground. But, let me be honest here, I'm not super-man. My conception of a space for my thoughts is no Fortress of Solitude. I've offered some friends space to also put their thoughts up, or links to their blogs. Eventually, “” will actually launch. I've got some crazy ideas to try with the space, and you may or may not see that. (Chaos Magicians: after years of imploding beliefs, you find yourself re-thinking things. Constantly. Good going, hoss. Now you're part Aries warrior-thief-mage, and part indecisive asshole. Behold! Magical evolution at its best!)

Anyway. If you've got 'the power' – whatever that might actually mean – you might as well use it. So I've decided to use it. I've got a few goals in mind. I've mentioned them before, and who knows? Maybe it'll all work out. Maybe, like 2008-2009, I'll stick my foot into a thaumaturgic quagmire and flail around shouting: “Goddamn it, power! Work like I tell you to!”

It's all part of the process. No one told you it'd actually work out the way you want, right? Because life doesn't work that way. If I must be honest: “magick can wreck your life, the gods really can kick you in the face, spirits can and are dangerous, and sometimes you get exactly what you need.”

At least there's that.

One last thing: yes, I totally stole the name from an epic documentary about H.P. Lovecraft. However, it matched up better than any other ideas with the vision we thought we might try to produce for the public. And: the 'Lovecraftian' use of the term eldritch is something I also want to indicate, at least in my own writing. When the “Jack Faust: Dionysian Atavism” wordpress blog is up and ready (and filled to the brim with woodcuts) I'll update this blog. I won't have that ready until there are at least three lengthy entries for people to peruse, however. They're currently entitled: “Don't be a Doormat: or, mad ramblings from a fellow who looks like he might be, but totally isn't, the reincarnation of Austin Spare.” “The Lamentations of a Luciferian,” and... err, well, I can't think of anything remotely witty, clever, or pretentious for the third title yet. So I'm holding off on naming that one until it comes to me.


Rufus Opus said...

Seems to me that life gets fucked up with or without magic, with or without a k at the end, with or without a ceremonial or chaos at the beginning. Seems to me that if it's gonna be fuct no matter what, might as well have every drop of fun you can get out of it.

Jhonn Barghest said...

Oh, hell yes.

Gordon said...

The Wordpress thing is very good news.

Hopefully it will be like that camels crossing the desert and making it bloom thing... Basically everyone should move to Wordpress. :)

Jack Faust said...

@RO: I don't disagree at all. It's good to know that we maintain the same position! Err, on some things!

Jack Faust said...

@Gordon: Yeeeeah. Well. I kept saying: "I could just customize my blogspot layout..."

But then I realized: I like it because it is mostly generic. It adds a distinctive pulp quality that I find strangely enjoyable, along the lines of a B-Movie. So I'll keep it, and use a better layout for things that deserve it.

Jack Faust said...

@Jhonn: Where's my industrial music tracks, mang?!

Jhonn Barghest said...

Does experimental-proggy-noise-terror-rock work for ya? I think there's an electrified Indian raga too. Because, that's what's been happenin' every Sunday so far!