Monday, May 24, 2010

Did you know you can roll your own cloves? I shudder to think of you with access to rolling papers, edible inks, and tobbacco for sigilization.

Actually, I do know that. I've “considered” it on a few occasions, specifically what could be done if you did something like this... Mix:

  • Tobacco (malefic).
  • A sacred herb to say, a death or underworld Goddess.
  • Consecrate said substance in the name of said Goddess, especially with something from say Betz little tome.
  • Roll it up with some cloves, and rolling papers.
  • Add sigils or some of the Alphabet of Desire, and smoke sacredly, yo.

And did I mention doing all of this is actually cheaper than buying the cigarettes? Jesus. I'm wasting a lot of time not getting on this! I know what I'm doing tomorrow!

Ask me anything

EDIT: It has been decided. Tomorrow I visit the tobaccoist/store and gather ingredients. And maybe even getting a rolling machine. And here's one good reason: now any time anyone will bum a smoke from me, it'll have a premade sigil. It'll make that act - of exchange - one of empowerment. Bwahahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. Hahahahaha!


Lady Scylla said...

*raises hand* They even sell black papers, and flavoring agents which can be used to draw ON the paper, which then fades/dries... imbedding the sigil as the phantom spirit of taste.

'Course, someone like me with too much time on their hands might soak herbs in rum or vodka to extract color and flavor, and use THAT for ink.

One could also mix up delightful little tinctures to add to the cartridge of their E-cig.

Jack Faust said...

Oh, Scylla, I love you. You're brilliant, girl. BRILLIANT.

See my edit and you'll know why I love you 10% more.

Frater A.I.T. said...

The Magical mind is delightful.....I took up old school pipe smoking a while ago, and thought I'd try my hand at soaking tobacco in spagryic tinctures. Then I thought I would plant my own tobacco, create elixirs using said tobacco, and Then soak the tobacco I was planning to smoke in that, for magical effect. Turns out it takes like 6 months to dry out a sheaf of tobacco....and I smoke one bowl a week. Haven't actually tried it yet, looking forward to your results.

Being a Magician/Sorcer is like having a gravitic well in your mind that sucks all your interests into it. Everything gets turned into Magic.

Lady Scylla said...

Re: Both of yas - Feel free to trackback to my blog, I'm going to be pontificating on this process shortly.

Fox Populus said...

You've got a pretty sharp audience, Jack.



Z. E. Accordino said...

I can't wait until the boyfriend reads this. Hahahahaha.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Jack, my humble beginnings were in native forms of Witchcraft, where tobacco is a regular ingredient.

I have often wondered when and if, anyone else would ever see the possibilities of application.

I have been bumming cigarettes for years, to break open and "remix" the tobacco for an impromptu cast.

But even I am impressed by the ideas you have blown in my face.

Oh buy the way, seriously consider what you could do with the smoke, exhaled during invocation, "into things."

Jack Faust said...

@WDJoe: Oh, totally! I've actually done something similar with an invocation of protection before. I found myself in a tight spot when I managed to "accidentally" insult a skinhead. He made it quite clear that he was heading off to his car, to find a baseball bat. Not knowing what else to do, I invoked a certain deity and offered it the cigarette in exchange for protection, and proceeded to visualize (I guess that's a hazy description) elements of protection being draw into myself with the smoke, and then danger being pushed away as I exhaled, so that it would be a visual exchange of desire between myself and said deity.

It... actually worked quite well. I haven't needed to do such a thing since, but I often offer tobacco to certain deities who I feel might appreciate it. (I always divine about it first, of course.)

Dohmnaill said...

Even though the name put me off at first, I used to buy the American Spirit "pow-wow Blend" (it had appropriate herbs for my purposes) - then charge it while filling the premade filter tubes. They made for nice impromptu offerings, but did attract attention - the sage smell made people think I was smoking something else.

Watch out, cloves or other thicker herbs might break through the paper - or burn at different rates than standard tobacco. I had a cigarette crackle and pop once... and I broke many while getting the hang of the machine.

You might make a tincture of clove directly onto the tobacco, or use clove oil - but be very careful... Eugenol (the main chemical in cloves) is toxic in the wrong dosage.

Gordon said...

I can't tell you how eagerly I am awaiting your next update on this.

Cannot. Tell you.

Lady Scylla said...

@dohmnaill - Grinding the clove first, and dispersing it evenly into moist tobacco solves the issue of crackle-boom. Even the commercial Clove Cigarettes used to occasionally throw a fireworks show at someone's (painful) expense.

The "smoking something else" problem is a big one. It's a good idea to take your pouch with yas.

Jhonn Barghest said...

@Z: Uh...yeah. About that. I was looking up prices for rollers on Monday... >.>

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