Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DCotE: Racism Reprise.

And then, today, Red pointed me at this.

I almost lost my temper. "What's next? Banning Thomas Jefferson because he also advocated rising up? Oh, wait! The Texas Board of Education has already begun that process 'cuz he isn't 'Christian' enough."

This shit is an outrage. It's straight up UnAmerican. And I never use that term.

Who let this happen? Who's voting on these initiatives? Who's helping push them through?

All of these are questions we need to seriously take into account.

EDIT: If you haven't, take a gander through the links below, and on my previous entry. And consider this: “It becomes obvious, when one reviews the evidence piling up, that this is a systemic attempt to deprive rightful Americans of their rights; to take away from them their right to freedom of speech, to instigate fear in them. The fluency tests proposed are no different from literacy tests that for almost an entire century kept African Americans from voting. The attack on 'Chicano' classes is just another way to intimidate professors and teachers alike. After all: if you have to watch everything you say, and 'advocating rising up' (which those passing these laws have done, in a very not-so-funny manner) is utterly dangerous... Your words become silenced. To those of you in Arizona who voted for these measures: you disgust me. To those of you who oppose these measures? I applaud you. This business is ugly, and we shouldn't be seeing it now. But we are. And if we do nothing, then the half-dead American Dream simply and completely dies. Or, in the words of James Joyce...”

“I will not serve that in which I no longer believe... Whether it call itself my home, my fatherland or my church; and I will try to express myself in some mode of life or as freely as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defense the only arms I allow myself to use: silence, exile, and cunning.”
- James Joyce


Jhonn Barghest said...

I don't think anyone mentioned this and it skipped my mind last night but check out:

White Man Shoots Latino Neighbor In AZ Over Immigration Law

Lavanah said...

...if you aren't pissed off enough, how about this?

and of course, if you oppose this, then it is you who is politicizing the issue, not the Arizona "experts" who get to decide what an ungrammatical accent might be.

Rufus Opus said...

I think this calls for an organized mass-illumination ritual. Plant some seals around the country that are like, "Knock it the fuck off, racist." Get some of those eldritch Genii Loci that suck the life out of people to work on other, more useful projects, like Solomon did at the Temple. Fill up some Super Soakers with Holy Water and take them to the Tea Party rallies and spray down the racists while chanting Latin Masses at them.

Ima doing it. Not the SuperSoaker part, but definitely a mas illumination rite.

Jhonn Barghest said...

Check this out too:

AZ reluctance to observe MLK Day.

Jack Faust said...

@All: Thanks for the links. That's perfect. Let's just build the case so no one can claim "it isn't racism." Let's blow minds.

@RO: I'm in. I'll work on finding the five oldest cities in Arizona, and the oldest buildings in them and then explain how I suspect anyone can use the GL to cause systemic change. You write the enlightenment ritual.

Rufus Opus said...

Nah man, I'm not mandating how anyone else does anything on this. I think a mass movement towards the same goal by people of various traditions and practices will be more effective. Houdouns and vodouns and ceremonialists and shamans and priests and kabbalists all putting their numbers and spheres and spirits and servitors and good thoughts and whatever to work at the same time would be more potent, I think.

Rufus Opus said...

You know, just fucking flood the aethyrs. Like an oil slick wiping out whole species, man.

Jack Faust said...

LOL. That'd cause a riot, RO. Actually, that's my primary concern with the GL. When they do 'overshadow' individuals - at least in my experience - things always feel a bit weird and strained. I'm a bit worried that if I was to stuff as much power as I could, we might see race riots again. I realize this is arrogant and potentially over-estimating myself, but it's something to consider.

That said: I'm writing my reps to show my distaste for Arizona's bill, and to urge them to consider taking action in some form.

I also plan to update this blog systemically. At this point, my rage knows no bounds.

But you're right. Everyone moving their own way is the best bet.

Rufus Opus said...

When properly coerced, the demons Solomon conjured in the Testament would do whatever they were told, and nothing more or less. He had Demonic Royalty twisting rope. Kinda reminds me of the Khmer Rouge now that I think about it.

Race riots though? Really? Think that's what it would take to illuminate the masses? If that's what it takes, Helter Skelter man.

But I don't think it'll come to that.

Eldritch said...

How about mentioning homophobia in the working? That's another evil that should be eradicated.

Eldritch said...

Of course you all realize that such a working would effectively make us superheroes? :D

Z. E. Accordino said...

"Kellogg Foundation [is] awarding $75 million over five years to undo the effects of racism on children in poor communities... Through the "America Healing" initiative, nearly $15 million will be doled out to 119 neighborhoods in 20 states and Washington, D.C., to help document and alleviate the problems of black and brown children dealing with the problems of racism."


V.V.F. said...

Duuuuuude, Nezualito just blew my mind. This is a long vid, but about 10min in he starts talking about the white supremacist organizations that backed the senate bill.


Seriously though, I think the passing of this bill is already lighting the fire under people's asses.

Z. E. Accordino said...

Here are some links that I found to be significant.

SB1070 - The actual bill in question - I believe it's important that we actually read this document for ourselves rather than relying on the media. Always know what you are fighting against. There's a lot more going on in this law than most people realize.

But if you don't have time at the moment, here are some quick facts about the law and some information on FAIR's ties to hate groups.

And a very interesting clip(s) of Bill Maher's show that discusses the Arizona law, racism, homophobia, and the generation gap. clicky

Eldritch said...

Let's also do Magic to help this woman:

"Kiana Firouz, 27 years old, actress and lesbian activist from Teheran, Iran, has long been engaged in the battle against the discrimination and persecution of homosexuals by the Ahmadinejad regime. After photograms of her video documentary on the condition of lesbians and gays fell into the hands of the Iranian intelligence, agents began to follow and intimidate her. Concerned about her safety, Kiana left Teheran and sought refuge in the U.K., where she could continue her work and studies.

She filed for asylum but her application was rejected by the Home Office even though the Ministry recognized her being persecuted for her sexual orientation and despite the fact that the Ministry is well aware that under Islamic law homosexuality is considered a heinous crime punishable by hanging and that gays and lesbians are enemies of Allah. In Iran, punishment for an adult consenting lesbian of healthy mind and is 100 whippings. If the act is repeated three times and punished each time, the death sentence is applied the fourth time (Art. 127, 129, 130)."

They also have an email address that you can send protest messages to and a petition.

Ron said...

Since the Arizona law, thanks Z for posting a link, references a federal immigration law (anyone got that link?); maybe the best way to correct this situation is to have the federal immigration law repealed. Since the congress is still strongly held by democrats, maybe we should contact them and our president to repeal the federal statutes before the November elections possibly change the political makeup of congress.

Come to think of it, I believe we ought to enact a NAFTA type bill for immigration to this country. Let's get rid of all the immigration red tape that people have to suffer thru to get here. Our motto should be (with special thanks to my good friend Mercedes): "Who needs paper?"

I grew up in South Texas which is heavily influenced by Hispanic culture. Additionally, I grew up next to an air force base and was exposed to a great variety of cultures from around the world. This diversity has benefitted me greatly toward being a multicultural citizen of the world. I have personally seen how this can also benefit our society, making it more open and enlightened. The strong influx of non-whites to this country would also go a long way to limiting the voting power of racists who elect racist politicians who pass these racist laws. It could put an end, once and for all, to the hateful repulican party. So let's open our borders to anyone from everywhere who wants to come. There is enough land in Texas alone to comfortably house most of the population of the earth!

I think we also ought to enact laws to mandate that students be fluent in the most largest languages of the world; Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and maybe Hindi. If there is a language with many speakers in Africa we can add that one as well, I just don't know which one it would be.

We can also change our laws to reflect a greater cultural and religious diversity. Asian, Hispanic and Muslim peoples have been around a lot longer than us and have great potential to improve our laws. But we could wait on the increased immigration make that happen.

So these are the areas that I am going to focus my magickal and mundane efforts on. I welcome any other constructive thoughts and suggestions as well.

Thanks Jack for getting the ball rolling on this!

Rufus Opus said...

@Ron, Del Rio or San Antonio? I was in Del Rio while my folks worked at Laughlin.

I work with a Russian immigrant and a lot of Indian immigrants, and I mentioned that I thought the borders should just be open, and they all got so pissed at the idea. It was an off the cuff, not really thought out statement I made, "Open the freaking border," and it was like I'd fucked their mom in front of them.

Apparently they had to spend a lot of time, money, and go through a lot of training and waiting for their turn to get in. They've got family going through the same process, and the idea that we would just let in the Mexicans because it's convenient really got on their nerves.

Z. E. Accordino said...

Quick note: for anyone who can't get my 4th link to work, just delete the stray quotation mark at the end of the url.

No problem, Ron. ^^ I like your idea of promoting bilingualism but I must make a slight amendment. We can't really enforce fluentness; brains just don't always work that way. But we can enforce a law that creates language programs in schools from K-12 that gives students an option to choose a language path to follow for their entire school career. We'd graduate a lot more bilingual students with an early and persistent program like this. Of course, it would require funding... but schools deserve more funding anyway!

Speaking of schools, Arizona has enacted a new law this week (that won't take effect until next year) that eliminates ethnic studies classes from school under the claim that these classes are trying to start a revolution. WTF?

Ron said...

@RO: San Antonio. I hadn't thought of those immigrants who had diligently followed the process to become citizens and how unfair it would seem to them that they had to go thru a long and expensive experience to become a US citizen while others will just be allowed to wander in. I might feel upset if I were in their shoes. I met a lot of these naturalized citizens in Texas and New York City when I visited. They all seemed very proud to be an American and felt very blessed that they lived in this country. More so maybe than the rest of us.

@Z: Possibly but if you start young it is easiest. And, since there are other required subjects that students must pass; this would be little different. As far as funding goes-yes it is an issue. Especially since this administration and last has spent so much on bailouts and fighting two wars. I never expected Pres Obama to increase the troops in Afghanistan and escalate that war. We could also tax the rich. Even with the extra taxes on them to pay for health care reform, the top marginal tax rate will still be below 70% which is the rate that Pres JFK came into office at and which he cut dramatically.

Of course others say that this will lead to job losses and a stagnant economy but they are probably just stupid, lying Sarah Palin types.