Monday, May 10, 2010

DCotE: Alan Bennett's Blasting Rod & Kenneth Grant

A while ago, I was at DeusExMachina's residence and we began discussing “lost” Golden Dawn “magical technology.” The discussion eventually segued into another one on Alan Bennett's Blasting Rod. Deus stated that he desired to find said object, or at least the relevant information on how to build it. My interest was certainly maintained, and I told him I'd do my best to see what could be found.

I launched some sigils to help facilitate the information falling into my hands, and like a good little Chaos Magician promptly forgot about the matter for the most part.

Over the weekend VVF, Deus, his significant other, and I all briefly visited my former home town of Fresno. While there I asked my other mentor if I could borrow
Zos Speaks! again for a re-reading. The book, however, had vanished from his library's shelf and refused to be re-discovered. However: Hecate's Fountain by Kenneth Grant was still on the shelf.

Do I really want to re-read Hecate's Fountain?” I asked.

D.H. Responded: “Why not!” And then he promptly stuffed the book into my hands.

I returned home and began re-reading Grant's tome. At which point I noticed something that had slipped my memory before. To quote:

If colour ever fell out of space, it fell that evening from the magic mirror into which Mira and other lodge members gazed.

Another object, by no means as old as the mummy-casing but as strongly charged with power, is the chandelier lustre that was used as a blasting-rod by Alan Bennett. He was also a member of the Golden Dawn and was instrumental in establishing the Buddhist Sangha in the west. He also taught Crowley many oriental techniques of meditation and magick. It is a very ordinary looking lustre, now mounted on an ornate and gilded tripod. Bennett used it as an extension to his magical wand. There is no need for me to describe its power in Bennett's hands because Crowley himself has already done so in his Confessions.

- Hecate's Fountain, P. 5.

Well, it looks like the entire blasting-rod hasn't been lost as some have thought. Kenneth Grant, the mad bastard that he is, seems to be indicating he has half of it. I'll have to look into getting a copy of The Confessions of Aleister Crowley and see what information that contains next. We'll see what else pops up in the mean time, won't we?

I have one little offering that reading Grant's works recently has popped up. And it'll be given to you lot real soon.

Be seeing you,
Jack Faust


Jhonn Barghest said...


I totally remember when you brought up the blasting rod before, and I was really interested in finding out more about it.

And then I forgot.

I'm glad someone here is on the ball.

Rob Meyer said...

does aether of you smart researching ppl realise that there seems to be a connection in reference to your two characters. eg. General Electric vs Tesla and N.Flamel vs J. Dee.. The one of fame today isn't necessarily the true originator of all the facts at hand? I might be wrong too. But I do make a valid question.