Friday, April 9, 2010

Two things.

My last entry generated interest which was mostly shown off this blog, which is fine and cool. One individual asked me what I actually thought about what "witchcraft really is." I consulted Jeffrey Burton Russell's Witchcraft in the Middle Ages and he suggests that to illuminate any discussion on the matter, the best thing to do is show a diagram. So I created my own version based on his. Here it is!:

That said, I also was sent an "open source" copy of the Principles of Wiccan Belief that was discussed at the end. Here it is (the image is large, so I'm just hyper-linking).

My last comment is one that hasn't left me yet: many of the members, by all accounts of what I've seen, of the 1974 Witchmeet/Chicago Witch Conference were not Wiccan, and there are distinct differences between Wicca and Witchcraft that were understood even then. It's curious that the title remained as such to my mind. I also tracked down some comments made by the head of Llewellyn at the time about the event; they'll be in the essay, but it should be pointed out that he claims he chaired the event.

Lastly: I'm getting two different cities as to the locations of the event. One is Minneapolis (Silver Ravenwolf indicates she was there in the documents I've read), and the other Chicago. Which one was it?!

Now then. Back to harassing people who normally wouldn't want to chat with me. hee.


StarCherub said...

I thought witchcraft was in the venn diagram where the low magic and science met, and ceremonial magic fit into where the arrow was pointing. High magic being like John Dee Enochian stuff, and low magic being like pins and poppets. How'd you get to what you got?

Jack Faust said...

@Star: I actually did invert some of it. When I realized that (thanks for pointing it out!) I assumed that there might be a bit more than sleep deprivation involved.

I'll explain what I think in an up-coming blog here or on my website. But yeah. That was a mistake. Except it wasn't. But it still was.

Thank you. Very much.