Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Inevitable Return

VVF and I are back from the City of Angels. We're both a bit feverish and the "great idea" of taking the 12-hour oceanic route down the CA coastline via train wasn't quite as grand, interesting, or restful as had been hoped for. (Hey, you live and learn, right?)

Anyway: it was a great visit, and I (as well as VVF, I suspect) had a great time. I managed to meet a few members of the California branch of the Mayhem boards and they were both quite cool.

Austin managed to convert me over to the Astrological side of the occult fence in a matter of like three days. I realized while there: I don't hate astrology. I just hate most people that talk about astrology. And it's clearly going to be very useful for me to play with, as it introduces the dynamic of movement to the scale of sorcerous intent. Which is, actually, something I think I've been lacking for far too long.

The Valentines are both fucking cool. But you all should know I think that, by now.

If you're in the LA area and need some juju folks to rig the deck for you: you can't go wrong by giving them all a visit.

Finally, they threw up a video of Austin talking about Mars. Enjoy!

EDIT: I forgot to add... I picked up Ann Finnin's The Forge of Tubal Cain while in LA. I'll be reviewing it later this week, and I have almost all good things to say about it (for the most part, at present).


Jhonn Barghest said...

I gotta say, man...listening the Austin talk about astrology makes me really like it. I'm digging his lectures. I'll have to agree with you that it probably is the majority of the people who talk about astrology that makes me want to kick puppies (and I like puppies) than the actual atrology itself.

Austin said...

Glad you had a good time, man. We certainly enjoyed your company.
Also glad to hear ya'll are rethinking the role of astrology in a juju-man's toolbox. It's pretty goddamn useful.