Sunday, March 28, 2010

Solus Negris: The New Header

“Know my purpose: To be a stranger unto myself, the enemy of truth...
Cursed are they who supplicate. Gods are with ye yet. Therefore let ye who pray acquire this manner:-
O Self my God, foreign is thy name except in blasphemy, for I am thy iconoclast. I cast thy bread upon the waters, for I myself am meat enough. Hidden in the labyrinth of the Alphabet is my sacred name, the Sigil of all things unknown. On Earth my kingdom is Eternity of Desire. My wish incarnates in the belief and becomes flesh, for, I am the Living Truth. Heaven is ecstacy; my consciousness changing and acquiring association. May I have courage to take from my own superabundance. Let me forget righteousness. Free me of morals. Lead me into temptation of myself, for I am a tottering kingdom of good and evil.”
- Austin Spare, Anathema of ZoS (1922)

(Imagine, of course, by the lovely V.V.F.)


Frater POS said...

Joy. Power without guidance. Lust without conscious. Free of any internal moral compass means being empty of those sharing your life in this world. Here comes you seeking to prove how "evil" you are, you will only find out you are not but how many will fall to this brutal sword until you do?

Jack Faust said...

I think Spare's other comments sheds a deeper light on what his prayer means than what you're seeing, brother.

When he refers to "morals," he's discussing moral value imposed upon oneself by society. Hence his criticism of the religious, which is that they impose their own face upon God and then pretend their desires are his commands, their right to pass judgment the same as God's own right.

Spare was a solipsist, rest assured, but his view is rendered down to the point of consciousness. If it has consciousness, it is god. If it has consciousness, I may become as it is and thus experience one more step toward becoming God.

This would be the most benign form of solipsism ever, though still utterly blasphemous.

Lady Scylla said...

This could just as easily say:

"Know my purpose: To be ever-changing and the enemy of rigid doctrine..." But it doesn't, because there is no reason people should have understanding of the inner meaning spoonfed to them like they're a few bricks short of a shithouse.

One of the points I have always loved about Chaos magick (even to the last bits of addled ranting from my elders) was a distinct lack of mincing words.

While most paths seek to get every, single, minute, theoretical, duck in a row... Chaos makes it's bold statements and asserts to the universe "You're GOING to work the way I want because it's MY mind and MY life that filters these universal shifts."

In other words: The work does not end because we have broken the circle and fanned out the choking incense. The work continues because the chaote continues it's processes. Because zie uphold and uplift the work, who's symbol has been burnt into the very roots of their mind.

On the topic of "evil", well... It is a failed person, who peers through a chink in a wall and claims to know the intent of the dust motes they see therein.