Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Hoodoo Factory and Astrology courses

I've known two of these folks for years. I'd ended up writing in the Sutra of the Poison Buddha with them for a bit and had even chatted with Austin (Baron Samadhi) when Irreality was still a major occult hub.

Anyway, Austin Cappock is starting his next round of basic astrology courses, and for those interested if you send him an email at: "austin(at)hoodoofactory(dot)com", with the title "Jack Faust sent me," he'll take $10 off the top of the class fee. Class prices are at:
In-person at the Hoodoo Factory $108
‣Distance via the Internet $78
‣Only recordings $54

This is just for the generic courses, for full six month periods Austin charges:
‣In-person at the Hoodoo Factory $500 (Value of $648)
‣Distance via the Internet $350 (Value of $468)
‣Only recordings $250 (Value of $324)

You can view his astrology column here if you're curious as to whether to trust the man or not.

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