Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!

For years, it seemed like the Chaos Magick scene held itself up by its own boostraps across a wide range of websites. There has been, at brief times, flowerings where quite a few of us gathered together to exchange what bits and pieces of information we'd pieced together to our fellows. The first one I really tried to integrate with was Tribe of the 5th Aeon. It's now defunct and long gone. But at the time one of the moderators was one Kara Rae Garland, better known under her alias as Sr. Ceilede.

Kara's poems and things she's written have shown up all across the internet, and she probably has a larger fanbase than I ever will. (Which, for the record, is good.) But what has always struck me in a pleasant way is the fact that she's consistently put herself outside her own “Safe Space” to produce bits and pieces of personal mythology, magick, and mystical thought in a way that I suspect few males could ever come close to doing.

We rarely see eye to eye; we've had more than a few arguments and disputes, and despite all that I've never stopped admiring Kara. The first time we chatted online we somehow began discussing 80's pop tunes – from Duran Duran to Flock of Seagulls and Depeche Mode – and somehow that explains everything I have to say. Anyway, her birthday is coming up. Happy Birthday, Kara! Keep doing what you do, girl. Really.

And since you asked us to find videos that made us think of you, here's two:

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Nova said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!