Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Cheese and the Worms

I finished reading Carlo Ginzburg's The Cheese and the Worms today. I was actually shocked at how touching it was, given that it's a book about the Inquisitorial trial of a 16th century Miller named Domenico Scandella, but called "Menocchio". Menocchio denied the divinity of Christ, the possibility of an "almighty" God, but was still in so many ways a Christian. The views he expanded upon before the Inquisition revolved around tolerance, and love for one's neighbor. In all honesty, at one point his dialogue, I actually cried because it was so touching to see someone trying to get the Inquisition to listen to him about tolerance... I would like to note that because he claimed God even loved Heretics, he was condemned.

The poor bastard was put to death around the same time as Gordiano Bruno, by order of the Pope. (After being jailed for two years by Catholic authorities, he began leaning more and more towards athiesm...)

I tell you: if Christians today had views such as Menocchio's I most likely would never have become a heretic myself. It's a pity that over four hundred years later, the same idiots are still the ones with "pulpit authority."


Jason Miller, said...

Read Richard Rohr. Catholic Priest who gets into alot of hot water with the Church. If you want to see the Christianity that was meant to be and should be, he will present it to you.


Fawkes said...

Hear, hear.