Thursday, March 11, 2010

(Book of Knowledge)... Hahahahaha!

So, I walked into Beer's Books, having been newly paid. Sitting in the 'rare' section was a copy of The Sources of the Faust Tradition, a reprint (for scholars) from the 1936 edition. Sitting next to it was The Book of Knowledge by J.J. Hurtak... I've never heard of the book before. I grabbed Sources and bailed.

I came home, bought some food for VVF, and then settled down for my daily vacuity-meditation time. The Book of Knowledge... um... Intruded upon my meditations and... sang to me. So I said: “You know, it isn't every day a book sings to me. I ought to buy it.”

Guys, this book is on par with the Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Bertriaux. I mean, seriously. I'm not surprised it sings to you, now. It's filled with crazy!!! To quote:
23. These grids are also incarnation grids which are part of a lattice network of spiritual embodiment throughout our location in the universe.” (P. 309, Key 215)
“23. For behold, the field is white and ready for harvest and when you give your life to the harvesting on this planetary station, a greater ionization becomes your body, and your new body of Light is connected with the galactic thresholds of the House of Many Mansions which is the deliverance of all manner of flesh.” (P. 173, Key 118.)
“23. Enoch explained this transfiguration from the level of physical creation to the Christ Light as a laser-like projection of human consciousness through its pyramid of creation, This pyramid fuses the color codes with the geometries and dyes of the Eye of Horus so as to create a new specie in the image of the Lords of Light and the Christ Race. This new being proceeds out of the dyes of the Eye of Horus according to the edge detectors and the sense detectors necessary to live in new chemical environments on other planets.” (P. 290, Key 213.)

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