Thursday, March 11, 2010

"And what are you doing about..."

(Only "real Otherkin" could join the group I pulled this image off of. Ooooo. Spooky.)

I recently received an email asking what I would be doing about those damned Otherkin.

Nothing. I will be doing nothing. Actually, you know what? I may just encourage this. See, you can spot one of them a mile off. It makes spotting people to avoid at conventions and elsewhere that much easier.

Dear teens:
Moar Otherkin. Bring it on! Piss everyone off! I think this is great! You go and proclaim yourself to be half-Elven at the level of the soul! Remember: no elf is complete without lederhosen! And maybe a pair of tights, and why leave out the garter belt?

If you're wondering if I'm discussing Otherkin or Porn Stars... well, I have no idea. Seriously. I'm just making this up so I can be hip with folks half my age, man.

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