Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Triangular and Circular Patterning (essay portion).

Triangular and Circular Patterning

Having discussed Spare's Dual Theory and the Neither-Neither Principle, it's time to return to discussing the symbol of the circle briefly, and begin discussing the symbolism of the triangle again. I would like to take a moment to point out while the following pattern can be discerned across a wide range of magickal models and in many systems spanning across the world and back in time, it still isn't a “Truth.” This is a symbolic method of arranging things and looking at them and nothing more.

The circle represents the world, as I've said before. But it also represents the principle of fluid exchange. The circle is also generated by the triangle, and the triangle symbolically also generates the circle. Let us assume, at least for a moment, that the flow of magickal power is dictated by something akin to Isaac Newton's Third Law, which largely governs the material objects that exist within space. Let us assume that it is unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) inescapable. The triangle is a combination sequenced like this: Thesis (a) + Antithesis (b) = Synthesis (c). Synthesis, furthermore, generates the circle. And so we have points A, B, and C connected to a circle. From their combination comes the fluid flow. From simplicity gives rise to complexity and vice versa.

The triangle describes how to dissolve and coagulate the four elements and render them into the magickal quintessence which we may then use. This is symbolized on the body as well, and will be discussed shortly (along with the subtle body). The right hand is the binding hand of the sorcerer. It is the active, crafting hand. It is also empowered by right eye (binding eye). The King with a Binding Eye is a mythology we find occurring in more than a few places. It's best told in the tale of Odin giving his left eye at Mimir's Well, in exchange for the power of the runes. Runes a fairly potent symbol set to inscribe with this hand, but other symbol sets may be chosen. The left hand is the unbinding hand. It is passive, and the principle of dissolution. It is further empowered by the left eye (blasting eye). This is the eye spoken of in the mythology of eye-biting witches. The left hand works very well with my personal Alphabet of Desire, especially for those Holy Letters that concern destruction. If you part your hands equal length, left pointed down and right pointed up and focus on the feel of power coursing through your hands and up to your crown (creating a triangle, and generating a circle) you can begin to feel them. And making this further interesting: your position also is assuming a triangle. The hands leading across the eyes, focusing around the so-called third eye (used for analyzing power for what it is) and forming it's point at either your crown. It helps to also spread your legs, which means you'll be making a pentagram with your body. Try it for yourself and concentrate on the spots.

It is also helpful to look for these symbols as they occur in occulted mythology and lore: Alchemy (solve et coagula), Ceremonial Magick (circle and triangle), witchcraft and sorcery (left hand, right hand; left eye, right eye). Now, before any moralizing can occur in your mind: the left hand and right hand have a function. Do not start valuing one over the other or you're undercutting the entire power of these operations and thought-processes. If an Incubus is harassing your sister, stuff your left hand into his chest while focusing power through your left eye and dissolve him back into the all for being a disruptive asshole. If you wish you inscribe a talisman to help a friend get over a sickness, use your right hand. And furthermore: these sides can be reversed (as long as synthesis occurs at the top or bottom points). Either way they end up making the triangle and generating the sequence necessary to render results into being. The new man is a generation of Nomos and Antinomos, creating the being that is the Nietszchian ubermensch. That is the man (or woman) which is a law until themSel[f](ves). It is the Divine Sovereign I have mentioned, The Crowned and Conquering Child, and the union of atavism with Self. Its most potent symbol is the Baphomet, which displays the attributes of: male, female, animal, human, atavism, Self, and has written on its arms Solve and Coagula.


Eldritch said...

Nice post, also what stuff do you want to test?

Jack Faust said...

That'll be forth-coming very soon. First I have to render shit out into sense and make diagrams. I hear it's part of the process.