Thursday, February 25, 2010

Questions and Answers

“So, knowing that people will still find flaws with it, why do you insist on presenting Left Handed material?”

Because I see nothing wrong with it. The fact of the matter is: I have and had “Christian baggage” from my childhood and teens. I mean, I don't really feel bad about that. There's a certain aspect of Oppositional Gnosis to what I do, in that it directly contradicts what most people that/feel/believe. And I think it's just fine to do that. I don't think you have to run around raving about the “Lord of Dorkness” and the “Powers of Dorkness” or how “Evil” you are to get something out of the mindset of Opposition. It has its place, and then you discard.

“How do you find all this material?”

I make it my business to be in touch with as many entities I can that give access to storehouses of knowledge. I consider them, like, my best spiritual buddies in some cases. They're fonts of knowledge and as long as an exchange is made (such as, say, dedicating an essay to one of them when it's asked to be done) then there's nothing wrong with it. Classical grimoires were often dedicated to such entities for just such a reason (and also so it might 'shield' the hidden knowledge. Which may or may not be a purpose I also employ). Make some friends with the Meta-Librarians of the Universe. They're good guys, half the time. The other half the time you find yourself staring into glazed, darkened Goat Eyes and thinking: “Hey man, this is more than a bit creepy. Can we speed this up?”

“Isn't what you're saying now in direct opposition to things you've said in the past?”

Unfortunately, yes. I'm contradicting myself. I chanted the words: “You can't get a free lunch from the Universe!” for a nigh a decade before realizing that it was inescapable. It really pisses me off, too. Because it probably means I can never snap my fingers and start tossing fireballs at shit unless I'm the astral, in a virtual world. It also means entity work, for me at least, is also inescapable.

“What traditional systems work best?”

As far as I can tell, most work. Pick whichever one you grok the hardest.

“This blog is huge! What should I be looking at?”
I dunno. I stick everything from book reviews to thoughts on magick and criticisms in here. I also like to use entries to link to other entries I like. (Cut-ups?! Never!) Err. I guess I'll work on added tags over the next two weeks to separate things into better categories so it can be browsed more easily.

“If you're so good at magick, why aren't you rich?”
The goal isn't to get rich. The goal is to ensure you have the minimum requirements necessary to living at all times, so that you can then redirect your personal efforts to where they matter most. That's why when witches were approached by entities (sometimes even the Devil!) in past mythological and societal belief, they were offered the bare minimum along with a friend that knew how they could better do things. Furthermore: my personal goal isn't to be rich. Money is nice, but it just isn't everything. I'm an Aries. Not a Taurus. I proclaim: “I am!” not “I have!”

“You're not an Adept... isn't handing out this information, like, dangerous?”
If you're not ready to use it, it probably won't work. I'm rendering things down as simplistically as I can. I used to say: “Your mileage may vary!” Unfortunately, that's still true. Furthermore, I hadn't realized that only Adepts and people that think they're Adepts could discuss magick. But I suppose, sure, anything I say could be dangerous. In the right or wrong hands. On the other hand, I don't stop myself from discussing, say, Philosophy. And that can be dangerous, too.

“What should I not do?”
Don't laugh at oaths against evil when doing magickal rituals. You'll unnerve some of your partners, and that's just... not fun.

And don't be the magickal equivalent of a bully. The last part is the only thing I'm absolutely concerned with when it comes to myself. Being an asshole is one thing. Deliberately harming someone for no better than because you can is another. And there's better ways to spend your time.

And one last thing, just to prove I'm an asshole. Don't invoke an ancient Hag deity and then force her to clean toilets. She'll snap your brain right in half, and she has every right to. If you do silly things like that because you think you can, you deserve any punch in the face that said deity sends your way.

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