Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Sorcerer, Witch, Magician.

Sorcerer, Magician, Witch. Explain the differences, in your opinion.

Man. I'm going to agonize over this because they all have similar aspects (as long as they include magick and not purely theistic theory) toward the top and bottom. So instead I'm going to give examples of how I think it might be helpful to try any of the three.

A) Magician: walk around connecting yourself to the concept of Deity, and how it is reflected in yourself and others. How are you reflected in the world and the eyes of God? How do you step into the shadow of God? What is God? I'm not talking about "The Christian God," either. I'm talking about "the all." The "universe." The eyes of every living creature focusing on their surroundings all at once, and the position of the stars, and crazy shit like that. The biggest lie that most High Magicians I've known have bought is the lie of duality. And it's logic is cyclical. You can't argue with it. Anyway, the High Magician? He wants to step into the shadow of God, and eventually, into the nearest aspect of God he can find: his Higher Self. Or just "Self."

B) Witch: nature. Cycles. Life. Death. The way they intersect and what they have to do with you. The Natura Natura and the Natura Naturans. The Great Mother and the Sky Father. I'm still not sure I ever completely can sync with that, either. Its an honest statement for me to make. But it's the five fingers and life. Which makes death just as important. And that's something a lot of people can leave out. Like you can worship life without worshiping death or somesuch. Which is a notion that bothers me. I thought we were supposed to cross Nepenthe?

C) Sorcery: technique. Fuck all that other shit, man. Pure, plain, technique. And do you know what else we do that bothers the shit out of High Magicians and freaks them out? We make pacts with spirits. Alliances. Sure, witches might do that if they know how. But we're all about that shit. We're out to figure out every little bit of technique we can steal, and utilize until we finally *understand* what we're dealing with. We like puzzles. And we like games. And we like doing things with our brains that others typically refuse to condone... But then, how many High Magicians do you know with useful familiars, and crazed Alphabets who are willing to walk out of their goddamn apartments with their temples and actually LOOK at nature on the Equinoxes? But we do, all the while hunting for the black man at the crossroads. I hear he gives access to that crazy witch shit... The next best thing.

But seriously. I'm being a bit of a romantic here because I think *aesthetics* matter! Get completely and utterly into the things you want to try and *do them*. Because you can! Because it's fun! Because it's also work! (And, also, because I think pointy hats are awesome. Except when worn by Oberon Zell. Look, guys. I know he's a giant teddybear or something. But every Pantheacon I've gone to, I've been stuck in an elevator with him. And I always want to start laughing and say: "Dude, you are NOT Dumbledore.")

We need more of this! Not that!

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