Saturday, February 27, 2010 Baron's Course!

Hmm, I'm sorry, it seems like the first half of my question got cut off somehow. I was referring to your mention of the Baron's Astrology course on your blog.

The Baron's course? I recommend taking The Baron's course even before I've sent the man money and begun taking it myself. As a matter of fact: I'm a big fan of The Baron. I plan to visit Ryan Valentine sooner rather than later at his new place here in California, and hopefully I can also have a few beers with the whole lot of that crew.

EDIT: I had sent him an email about the subject of his astrology course when I realized I'd need to learn astrology to get further with Geomancy. Since I'm doing Geomancy on my own (VVF has her runes and has no need of crazy Latin binary symbols and ranting about "Houses"), I figured I'd ask the man who could best make use of my money.

The Baron is the man I know that to be. The Baron replied saying the next course would be in about three weeks; (The Baron) he'd get me further details, later. When I get those, I'll shove them here for everyone to see. (As long as it's not something I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut about. In which case, I've said nothing. You've seen nothing. This blog entry does not exist.)

EDIT#2: the person that can guess what my intent is gets a cookie.

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Templar of Ash said...

Foraying into astrology as something other than a magician. I want suggested reading. I'd appreciate anything 'beginners,' oh great one. Ha.