Saturday, February 20, 2010

"But we have an entire section on Goddess Spirituality!"

So, I'm working on something. It's a bit stalled because something I think is necessary is missing at present. In any event, it'll be on this blog within the week.

To gain some information, I sent off an email to Michael Howard. He was kind enough to respond within a couple hours. Based on what he mentioned, I set off to finally buy a copy of Robert Graves' The White Goddess. I've avoided the title for a long time for various reasons, but I was finally presented with reason enough to want it.

Where do I head? Well, I normally believe in supporting the local occult/new age stores as long as they keep titles worth buying. The one near by does, but I've always been a bit iffy about it. Today just sealed the deal.

I wander up to the counter carrying Greer's new book on Geomancy and ask about The White Goddess. The woman behind the counter gives me a weird look and says, "Um... I don't think we carry that... But, you know, we have an entire section on Goddess Spirituality!" (Said section is stuffed full of books with titles like Finding Your Inner Goddess! and Saving the World with the Help of your Inner Goddess!.)

I'm not sure what face I made (it either went cold or ashen before I could fake a polite smile), but she paused for a second and then said softly: "It has nothing to do with that subject, does it?"

Look. If you work in an occult store, know your fucking subject. If you own an occult store, hire people that know the fucking subjects. The White Goddess is a staple of Neo-Paganism. Even I know about it. I mean, Christ.

I'm going to open my own shop here eventually. I've just... decided. I'm going to call it The Eldritch Influence. It may take a while, but I'm doing it. Because frankly, I like books. No, really. I love books. I like reading. I like sorting information. I like back-checking sources. I like playing with ideas.

And when I open the goddamn shop? I'm going to invite every motherfucking cool dude I know to come lecture on topics they feel like. I'll even pay them.

But I won't ever step inside that goddamn other store again. The people at Beer's Bookstore are more helpful, and it's a generic used bookstore.

Anyway. I'm done ranting now.

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