Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bouts of Silence.

So, over summer, my old computer died. Being extremely lucky, I had help building a new one. It just needed a few upgrades, really. So not so long ago I bought some more RAM and a new video card, but waited to buy a new hard-drive. After all: if it's not broken, why fix it?

So I made my last blogspot entry. And later that night, while surfing around and glancing through things, I came upon a blogspot with a corrupted ad-feed. (Certain ad-feeds allow for malware or spyware to be installed on your computer...) Upon seeing the red warning color of Google's advanced warning shit, I immediately hit backspace... And watched in half-asleep irritation as the malware installed itself on my primary hard-drive.

"Fuck this!" Said I, indignantly. "I'll just reformat this hard-drive and be done with it."

Except... Except... I forgot my windows Authentication code, and have no idea where I put it when I moved to Sacramento. So a few days ago, I bought a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate edition, and a new 1 Terabyte hard-drive.

I have now named this computer "Leviathan," (in homage to Hobbes, and because it seems an accurate descriptor of how I feel about the internet these days) and shall shortly return to my various projects which will inevitably spill into this blog. You've been warned!

I just need to remember... When one sees the red Google Warning of Doom, do not hit backspace. I mean. I knew better. But I was half-asleep. It still makes me slightly irate.