Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Evolutionary Psychology, and Morons.

Scientists have found that the pleasure women get from making love is directly linked to the size of their partner’s bank balance.
They found that the wealthier a man is, the more frequently his partner has orgasms.
“Women’s orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner,” said Dr Thomas Pollet, the Newcastle University psychologist behind the research.
Or at least so a recent article that V.V.F linked to me seems to indicate. But wait! There's more!
He believes the phenomenon is an “evolutionary adaptation” that is hard-wired into women, driving them to select men on the basis of their perceived quality.
The study is certain to prove controversial, suggesting that women are inherently programmed to be gold-diggers... 
However, it fits into a wider body of research known as evolutionary psychology which suggests that both men and women are genetically predisposed to ruthlessly exploit each other to achieve the best chances of survival for their genes. 
The female orgasm is the focus of much research because it appears to have no reproductive purpose. Women can become pregnant whatever their pleasure levels.
Of course, all of the above is sheer idiocy. Nothing good ever comes out of Newcastle (proving Constantine right), and the reason I find myself intensely skeptical about "evolutionary psychology" is due to theories such as the above. The "question" of the female orgasm is stupid - the pleasure of orgasm is another reason women are drawn towards having sex naturally. The fact that they can become pregnant without achieving orgasm is beside the point. Secondarily, a higher ratio of orgasms amongst women who are financially well off fits easily into Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (someone who is say, starving, and constantly has to worry about survival probably doesn't put a lot of effort into achieving orgasm, nor would one imagine their partner find such a thing a primary concern. There are, of course, exceptions. But seriously...) and thus doesn't need further "solution". A first year psych student knows that shit.

Finally, suggesting that women "evolved" the female orgasm so that they could make their richer (since when did money have an evolutionary advantage?! Or anything to do with evolution?) partner feel more safe is... Uh...

Friday, November 19, 2010

"Daddy, I Do."

Voices shouting in the water,
Drag you down; steal your air,
Dissolute; Diabolic:
Snake oil salesmen everywhere.
- KMFDM, People of the Lie.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Re: The CNN of Paganism.

I wanted to take a moment to point to Witchdoctor Joe's recent entry about the Wild Hunt pledge drive currently underway.

I love the Wild Hunt blog, and many of the articles that appear on it. I would take three blogs like the Wild Hunt over a million networks like Witchvox any day of the week.

Some things are just worth donating to.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

While I'm Putting Off Actually Working...

A Revolutionary Euphoric Mood Enhancer!”
According to Der Baron/Austin's latest, Venus is about to go direct at last. This amuses me somewhat for various reasons...

Meanwhile – beware the dreaded Sippin' Syrups. They really do cause drowsiness... Knocked me on my ass all yesterday. Crazy shit, man.

The drink did, though, heighten dream lucidity a bit. I may play with it a bit more and try to figure out what active ingredient was causing it if I can, as added lucidity never hurt anyone. (The St. John's Wart extract, maybe? Lavender extract? I don't freaking know!)

Entry edited because, err, it hadn't really shown up anyway. And I decided to shut my face until I'm done. Madness is afoot. That is all.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quote of the Week

“Jesus, I thought. We've raised a generation of stone desperate cripples...
The importance of Liking Yourself is a notion that fell heavily out of favor during the coptic, anti-ego frenzy of the Acid Era—but nobody guessed, back then, that the experiment might churn up this kind of a hangover: a whole subculture of frightened illiterates with no faith in anything.”
- Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Readin'

Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths is more than enjoyable; it reprints some of his earliest, underground, comic strips as well as background details about why the projects didn't work out, interviews, and other such things. If you enjoy either Lovecraft or Moore's stories, then you'll probably enjoy this tome of a comic collection...

... That said, the story Recognition in it has H.P. Lovecraft's father witnessing (through an interesting twist) his wife being ravaged sexually by the Devil and hotel management. I... Uh... I... didn't expect to turn the page and find the devil having his way with a woman. You just don't see it coming. Be forewarned.

The collection also includes one of his earlier (though doomed) occult stories attempts, which later led to (amongst other things) the character of John Constantine in the Swamp Thing American Gothic saga. All of that aside, the price will probably drive away most consumers (29.99$ USD) despite the fact it's a fairly thick comic.

I had planned to have a whole list of these, but got caught up reading Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72... Because I figured that if there was anything that could help me even remotely calm down about the present political situation, it was that book.

I was right. All elections involve insane people. Thompson makes this remarkably clear.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Being a Periodic Update

I've been semi-busy, and thus not writing... However this was too amazing to not pass on...

Edit: this is also amazing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

"It'll be the best years of your life," my mother told me.

My brother, my sister, we are at war until you are Free.
I have gone over the events in my head for over a dozen years, and I long ago decided that I would never be able to make sense of it all. I will never understand it, completely, and no attempts at rationality or logic will help. Emotional logic does help, though, and it is the only thing I've ever known to turn to that gives any respite.

In the fall of 1998, V. hung herself with a shoestring. In all likelihood, she'd wrapped the thing about her neck while in the shower so that the marks would draw attention to her. Maybe she slipped and her own weight ended her life, or maybe she cut off a bit too much blood and passed out too rapidly to remove the thing. But weighing under a buck – as many fourteen year old girls do – she was consigned to death by it.

She was the first, that year. (That year, suicide also spiked to become the most common killer of youth in California and lingered afterward for a time.) It was my freshman year, and I adored her more than I'll ever have words. I have to fight hard to keep from mentioning her, and sometimes it feels as if the memories are very, very far away. Other times they're still fresh. I think two more kids followed her that year. At least one more did, ending the “cluster” that occurred that year.

Everyone asked “why,” the way everyone always does. But if you were a teenager attending a Clovis Unified school in the fall of 1998, just before another event I'll briefly describe, you knew exactly why the suicides were occurring. They were not baffling.

At my high school, hazing was still a norm. Freshmen could look forward to being shoved into lockers, trashcans, called names, and any other harassment that the older kids felt like they were obligated to hand out. A particular favorite was throwing milk and orange juice cartons at Freshman that gathered into easy-to-harass groups. The orange juice was often still half-frozen inside the carton; being struck by the lobbed grenade-like object would cause your face or skin to swell. One kid had their glasses broken.

The administration didn't much care; kids wearing black clothing getting harassed? Well, why were they dressing so that they “stood out”? After all, if they really wanted to be left alone, wouldn't they just... stop doing things that made them stand out?

In April of 1999, two dipshits walked into a school near Littleton, Colorado and made it expressly clear that as a matter of fact, suicide was not the only option in response to continual harassment. They decided to instead murder as many of their peers as they could before turning the guns on themselves. This is, obviously, not an action I endorse. It's funny: I chatted on the same website that they did. I wore the same clothes. I saw the same things, felt the same harassment. But I never, ever desired to physically hurt most of my peers.

Nonetheless, the question of “why”? It's a stupid fucking question. What are you, fucking idiots? I watched a young girl end up exploited and treated like shit – humiliated and told she was worthless daily – and after she was gone, those that did it expressed no regret. One went so far as to say that she deserved it. Why is perfectly understandable: no one wants to live in Hell. No one.

After Harris and Clebold shot up their school, triggering a series of copy-cat crimes and attempted copy-cats, adults and administrators all over the country became concerned about “the kids” and turned the American school system into a series of fucking prisons, no only making the situation worse, but effectively saying that because “the kids” who had opted to pick up guns had done so, harassing them was essentially “o.k.”

In Fresno, where the suicides had predated the shooting, Marilyn Manson was blamed by inept Yuppy mothers. Marilyn fucking Manson. He was told not to visit for his up-coming concert. No one brought up the assholes who'd driven people to consider murdering themselves, or others. No one talked about the policy of harassment that led to people taking their lives, or others. Instead, scape-goats were found, the population was pacified, tons of schools installed metal detectors.

I didn't decide to live through that year – when I managed to also get myself kicked out of the church I'd been sent to as a kid – because I necessarily cared about anyone. I didn't think of my mother, or my sister, and think: “I don't want to hurt them.”

I'd feel better if I could claim that. I ended up alive because in the end, I decided that someone had to bring the war back to those who'd started the bullshit in the first place. My teens were, in all honesty, dedicated to a policy of harassment and intellectual terrorism aimed at the school administration and my peers. I was so enraged, so utterly pissed, that the only reason I could see to stay alive was that so the dead were not forgotten. It's why I started practicing magick, and why I'm alive today.

Guilt and shame won't save you. But I agree with a comment I saw Veles make recently: anger can save you. It's going to be a long haul, but remember... You are allowed to be righteously angered by unjustice that directly affects you; that strips from you those you love, and that seeks to wear you down until you feel like nothing.

Sometimes the only rational choice – even if it isn't very logical – is to start waging a war for survival and to refuse to quit until you reach adulthood.

Fuck this abstract, “bullying is bad” bullshit. If someone is harassing you to the point that you no longer want to live?

Bring the war home. You don't need a gun, and you don't need a bomb. All you need is your mind, and the desire to completely fuck shit up on the front lines that people refuse to realize are frontlines.

But you aren't alone, and you never will be. Don't give up. It's just not worth it.

Sorry, Gordon. I typed too much for just a comment, so I put it here. I'm still not sure if suicide is an illness, honestly. But I do know that it's a serious subject, worthy of serious consideration. Intimately.

P.S. I did, however, come up with a plan during my teens for revenge that I have kept. In the years since I was 14, I have had three friends swear that upon my death, the individual who I loathed the most will be located. My ashes will then be thrown through their window while they eat breakfast one morning.

I don't want to hurt anyone. But I swear to god, when I die? I will have the last fucking laugh. I mean, who wants to be buried, anyway? Bodily resurrection is lame.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I was alerted to this...

Isn't this quaint.

"ODD is a condition in which a child displays an ongoing pattern of uncooperative, defiant, hostile, and annoying behavior toward people in authority. The child's behavior often disrupts the child's normal daily activities, including activities within the family and at school."

Incidentally, this conspiracy site is missing the point: ODD is not a behavioural disorder that's being targeted toward  identifying in adults. It's a disorder being targeted at being identified in children, and one which legitimizes not looking into the reasons the child may be acting out. (Much like the current treatment of anxiety disorders.)


Tonight, I less than cheerfully return Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (there's no second camera?! NOR camera toggle functions?! In a 360 game?! Fuck you, Konomi. You're cutting corners and getting sloppy. You totally owe me like, 20 bucks that I'm losing in the exchange. Bastards.) and pick up the much anticipated, and far less likely to utterly disappoint Fallout: New Vegas. I, uh, may write less as a consequence of shooting super-mutants, ghouls, and mobsters with a sniper-rifle.

I'm working on a special Halloween post (along the lines of what I posted here last Walpurgis, or... Actually, I've decided I'll write the post. I have no idea what it's about. I've been wracking my brain for ideas. I suspect I'll have to meditate near a cemetery at midnight to get the idea, or something. What? What are you looking at me like that for? No, of course I'm not serious. Pft. I would never...), and have a few other things in a half-written, unedited format that'll get fixed up and thrown online to make up for the fact that I'm being a lazy ass.

I also have a list of things worth watching during the tail end of October. Why am I saying that now? Mostly so I'll have less reason to duck out of it later.

All of that aside: it's finally fall! The air is cooling at last! Leaves are falling! It rained here yesterday! I love this season. Seriously. I actually prefer the fall/winter periods of the year for the following reasons: less sunburns, no one expects you to visit a beach, and longer nights...

New Vegas trailers:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Isn't That Interesting?

“In 1727 a book appeared with a title that deliberately aped that of Boulton's work, but which confirmed the position taken by Hutchinson. Its contents stoked anti-cunning-folk sentiment and may have influenced who formulated the 1736 Witchcraft Act. A Compleat System of Magick: or, The History of the Black-Art, a work of over 400 pages, was published anonymously but can be firmly attributed to Daniel Defoe, one of the most prolific and influentual authors of his time.”
- Owen Davies, Popular Magic: Cunning-Folk in English History (Chp. 2. For Good or Evil? P.40)

... Okay, the book will probably piss me off. But I have to read this. It's time to hunt through Project Gutenberg and some other places.

Friday, October 8, 2010


House-sitting for one of The Adepts this weekend. Updates to follow again on monday, assuming I'm not a lazy ass this weekend. (Queens of the Occult has to run on a Monday for obvious reasons.)

Skype shall be on periodically. Also: shit will die in one RPG or another. Actually, I might just write about video games... Heh.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looooooove Spellz (Trouble?)

These thoughts are being written prior to my finishing my “Shady Bastard's Guide to Love & Magick,” which has sat half-written on my hard-drive for about six months... It'll be written. Some day. I swear. But if the thoughts seem incomplete, it's because they probably are...

In Mr. Black's recently blog entry about Love Spells, he writes: “I previously stated that I'm not too comfortable with doing love spells. To me, it is an attack on someones free will.” PA seems to agree with him.

He isn't entirely incorrect. Take, for instance, this charm in Betz The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation:

Love Spell of Attraction: On a piece of pottery write with a bronze stylus: “Hecate, you, Hecate, triple-formed, since every seal of every (love spell of attraction) has been completed, I abjure you, by the great name of ABLANATHANA and by the power of AGRAMARI, because I abjure you, you possess the fire, ONYR, and those in it, that she, NN, be set afire, that she come in pursuit of me, NN, because I am holding in my right hand two serpents and the victory of IAO SABOATH and the great name BILKATRI MOPHECHE, who brandishes fire... that she love me, completely and be aflame and on fire for me; aye, and tortured too. I am SYNKOUTOUEL...”

This is by no means a singular spell, either. There are dozens – perhaps dozens of dozens – in the PGM. Almost all of them end along such lines: “and make her unable to sleep until she loves me,” “and tortured,” “give her nightmares,” “give her dreams of me,” “torment her with thoughts of me...”

Each and every one of those lines occurs, and the question arises internally: “would I ever want this spell cast on me?”

Oh, fuck no. Man, you cast that shit on me, and you'll be facing a Scorched Earth Policy when I bring the war that you wanted to your door. Given that such ideas actually make me rabidly angry, I could hardly fault any other woman or man who felt similarly.

But what, then, of “love magick”? Is it all compulsion?

I think not.

Breaking it Down

Let us assume that “love magick,” is a generic category, then. Any manner of spells or rituals might be included as long as the aim is love – be it to cause, heighten, or discover where it might lie hidden. As such we might construct a few categories:

  • Compulsive Love Magick
As shown and referenced above, this would be a spell essentially binding a victim (and yes, the term is chosen deliberately) to you in an attempt to get some manner of sex and/or attention out of them. This could be done ritualistically, sympathetically, or so on. For example: one might create a poppet of their victim, and then bind one's picture to the chest of said poppet while invoking a deity of love to aid them in such a task. (Once again, I'm not advocating that you should. But anyone can come up with probably a dozen ideas along these lines in five minutes if they have any experience with sympathetic magick at all.)

  • Influence/Glamor
Attempting to psychically influence a given situation. For example: invoking a given deity and walking into a bar hoping that their influence will bring an attractive party nearer to you, or make you seem more attractive and approachable. Hell, attempting to remotely activate someone's root chakra would also probably fall in line with this.

  • Incubatic
This category probably sounds like the worst, but in actuality it's probably the least threatening. By “incubatic,” I mean “dream incubation,” or the attempt to send another dreams of one sort or another. The PGM has more than a few spells meant to accomplish this, but in principle it can also be done with basic sympathy. The general idea seems to be that if the woman enjoys having her way with you in her dreams, she'll seek out such activities in waking life. If you think that's all it takes to win a girl's heart, friends, then you're in for a bit of a surprise. And you're probably going to be single a lot and wonder why all women refuse to acknowledge your existence.

I'm not sure how to categorize Hoodoo Powders and Love Philtres, but they seem to have their place, too. Mastering Witchcraft also contains a rather interesting chapter on love magick that those interested in it might look to.

I have three final comments:

My best success has been with using magick to “open doors,” as it were. Arriving at the right place, and the right time, after the right sigil or thought-form has been launched was a common one. I've never attempted to coerce someone with a spell, but that's just a personal-ethical thing.

I have purposefully (while in relationships and such) and accidentally sent people dreams. The latter are almost always horribly embarrassing, and never actually “mean” anything.

Finally: regardless of the outcome of any spell, or variant, I think one of the things that aids in success is willingness to move beyond the arena of spellcraft and prove to the other individual you're worth boning (or knowing, or loving).

Be seeing you,

P.S. remember to specify “STD FREE” in your “GET LAID QUICK” sigils. It's a freakish world out there, filled with diseases that'll wither your genitals and probably eventually kill you in terrible ways. No one wants that. Seriously.

And then...

“Really, Mom, if you need me to loan you forty dollars so you can take my sister out to coffee and have a chat with her about responsibility, that's not a problem.”

Score this under, “conversations I never expected to have.”

I'm also seriously amused.

Monday, October 4, 2010

This is... Amazing.

Alas, due to crazy blogspot formatting, you probably want to click on the panel and follow the link to youtube. Sorry.

Occult RSS Feeds

The folks over at Mayhem IV appear to be looking for a good occult RSS feed for blogs, essays, and such that they can plug the community into. As this is something I've clearly avoided bothering with, I have absolutely no idea even where to begin looking.

I figured I'd drop the question in here, and I'll be sure to give full-credit to who-ever has the best ideas on this matter.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh, yeah.

Should there by typos I miss, pardon it please. You see, my thumb isn't as effective as usual because...

... Because I was a dumbass. For a few days, my sister-in-law's dog has been acting odd around me. I assumed this was because said dog was feeling neglected. So, today, after she'd hung around me for a while without acting out, I went to pet her. I wasn't looking at her at the time; she might have warned me. She might not have. Regardless, she certainly managed to tear up the skin on my thumb. Nothing horrible; it could have been much worse.

But I'm mildly annoyed with myself for obvious reasons.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft

I had been searching for Sir Walter Scott's Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft in a physical volume for a while. Why can I find tons of Montague Summers these days, and not a peep from Scott? Anyway...

I thought to myself: that's certainly in public domain by now... And 'lo and behold, Sacred Texts delivers. Murray seemed to have a particular loathing for Scott, so my theory is that we should pay more attention than usual to him.

It also took me forever to find a copy of The Secret Commonwealth. And I still haven't found a physical copy of Aradia that I've liked. Bah. If I made more money, I'd probably just buy more books...

EDIT: “Some communication between the spiritual world, by the union of those termed in Scripture “sons of God” and the daughters of Adam, still continued after the Fall, though their inter-alliance was not approved of by the Ruler of mankind. We are given to understand – darkly, indeed, but with as much certainty as we can be entitled to require – that the mixture between the two species of created beings was sinful on the part of both, and displeasing to the Almighty.”
- Letter Two.

I was like: “what? Straight up Grigori sex, then, is it?”

Don't hang out on top of Black Towers. You almost always end up having sex with a succubus or an incubus. And, you know, that's... not good. I think.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


My painful lack of knowledge about Santeria prompted me to pick up a copy of Migene Gonzalez-Wippler's Santeria: The Religion. I've been diligently reading it, and it didn't sound bad at any point.

But, the chapter on Palo Mayombe in it prompts me to ask: just how reliable is this book? If it's fairly reliable, cool. No worries. But, uh, you know. After reading that chapter, I'd just like to make sure the author isn't making shit up.

Wicca vs. Satanism

So you see, when the pentacle is like this, you're a Wiccan. But if the Pentacle is like this, then you're a Satanist.

I'm glad we got that "cleared" up. I feel so, uh, what's the right word? "Enlightened."

And thanks, Z.E. Accordino and Jhonn. I did LOL muchly.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whatever Happened to Ultra-Culture, Anyway?

A few years ago, when Disinfo released Generation Hex, it was along with a message from the editor of said book (Jason Louv) that the kids of today were appearing in record numbers, and we were going to, like, take back the world.

Did that happen? Fuck no. We didn't take shit back from... Anyone.

But, uh, Louv did manage to get one volume of the Ultra-Culture journal out. (Is it just me, or were a good deal of the contributors over the age of 30?)

So, five years later, I'd like to know: what happened? Did it just never come together? Was there a total of three gatherings before individuals discovered they loathed one another? I recall hearing something about Louv distrusting people that worked with the Lwa, but I have no idea as to the specifics.

Was this just a bunch've smoke blown up the collective asses of the occult youth of yester-year? If so, have we learned anything from it? Am I allowed to declare that this project was worthless and probably one of those many ego-get-togethers where we all assure one another things are getting better and we'll take over in no time?

As per usual, I have nothing but doubts. I guess that makes me a “hater.”

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poverty in America

The percentage of Americans struggling below the poverty line in 2009 was the highest it has been in 15 years, the Census Bureau reported Thursday, and interviews with poverty experts and aid groups said the increase appeared to be continuing this year...

And the numbers could have climbed higher: One way embattled Americans have gotten by is sharing homes with siblings, parents or even nonrelatives, sometimes resulting in overused couches and frayed nerves but holding down the rise in the national poverty rate, according to the report.

The share of residents in poverty climbed to 14.3 percent in 2009, the highest level recorded since 1994. The rise was steepest for children, with one in five affected, the bureau said...

For a single adult in 2009, the poverty line was $10,830 in pretax cash income; for a family of four, $22,050...”

The World: It's Not Fair.

There is an email sitting in my inbox. It's from a local pagan list. It lacks proper punctuation, any sense of grammar, and quite a bit of the spelling is horrid.

It was written by someone that claims to be an adult, with a business degree, who is complaining about the lack of "morals" and "ethics." And because the people this individual knows who are doing well, lack such things. Meanwhile, the author of said email has followed all the rules, been a good person... And life still sucks.

The one response this email got went something like this: Your real problem is that you keep asking 'Why Me'! If you stop saying that, what you want will solidify and life will be awesome again!

I have my doubts. Maybe the problem is that life isn't fucking fair, and some people have become caught up in the lie that if you're a good person, it will all work out for you.

Life doesn't work that way. And problems aren't caused because someone asks why me?!

Neo-Pagan "Elders" these days. The standards keep slumping, and the answers are all the same. "It's because you asked 'why me'."

The fact that I get older and become more appalled by the answers of "enlightened adults" never ceases to fucking amaze me. Tuesday and today's irritation is "spiritual devolution:" when one tried so hard to evolve that they became an idiot.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Notes

Fire and Forget.”
A few years ago, Donald Michael Kraig came to Fresno. At the time he had just had his book about dancing the tarot published, and was presenting at Fresno's Pagan Pride Day on the subject. Once he finished and went into his question and answer phase, I asked: “Err, but what about fire and forget?”

Fire and forget,” he told me with seeming annoyance, “is a chaos magick idea and does not apply here.”

He said some other things, but I was already so fucking annoyed I'd ceased to pay attention to whatever he was saying due to his tone. I hadn't even meant to say fire and forget; it'd been a Freudian slip of a sort, associated ideas spilling out. I'd meant to ask, what about Lust of Result? I hadn't heard him address the idea once. I now have a better idea as to why it wouldn't apply – you're dancing the ritual, and most of it won't be completely recalled – but I've held a grudge against the fat man ever since. For no real reason, except that I didn't like his tone or his self-importance. I'm told this is a rash judgment. I don't really feel particularly guilty for it, either. I very much dislike being talked down to.

But reading Gordon's recent post on sigils made me think of the above. The old Chaos Magick schitck about Lust of Result is that tricking your mind is easy, and when it comes to sigils, why not? Just fire and forget, keep a note in the journal, and see what happens.

But there's a caveat here: there's more than one way to trick your mind. In fact, there are tons. The problem that Chaos Magicians often have is that we – and I think I can speak collectively here – often forget that, or assume our pet methods are the best. They are not.

In a related field: I can astral project. Quite easily, in fact. Well – okay, there's a few issues. I've walked into walls in my astral temple a few times and been jolted back into conscious from the collision. But beyond that, not a huge problem. The problem is that I had – and still to a greater extent still do not have – no map. If you never know where the fuck you are, how can you go anywhere? Well, I'm a big believer in “wander aimlessly.” But clearly my pet methods in some areas need changes to be more effective.

So I'm open to abandoning them entirely at points, or a number of other tactics. Assuming, that is, that I don't get lazy. Which happens quite regularly.

All of that aside, and back on the sigils and “lust of result,” that's only a category that holds any weight in certain circumstances. Even the very basic jump from crafting sigils to that of making thought-form requires that you start keeping the sigils. What do you think you're going to use to re-summon your thoughtform, man?

It's got a sigil, and it's got a name. And assuming that you can still 'recall' that entity correctly, you can still make use of it as long as the sigil remains. If it “dies” – that is, ceases to respond – you can just make a new one with the old sigil. But where's the Lust of Result, a younger Faust might ask?

It doesn't exist. That's why you've made the jump from the sigil to the thoughtform, so that more 'variable' paths can be found for your manifestation, and so concerns about grounding out your work remains less vexing. Even better than that: there's these huge-ass books called Grimoires with (oh my god!) sigils and names of spirits in them... Which you can use, if you followed the proscribed methods (or similar methods), to summon said entities. Crazy, right?

In general, Lust of Result is a pervasive danger, but a minor one. When you're talking about thaumaturgy, the biggest danger is that your desire is going to find a path of manifestation that's detrimental to your physical or mental health. The love spell becomes a foci for obsession on the part of the person you'd wished to seduce; or you discover to your great horror that your money magick has just reified your status as an insurance beneficiary.

These are the things you want to avoid; so you enchant with money along very specific lines, or you conjure a job that allows you to make that money; or you decide that you don't really need to walk for six weeks and $30K is worth getting hit by some jackass. If your desire is love, then you might create a thought-form to advise you on which women in your life to pay attention to; if it's sex, you might learn to invoke Dionysos and visit a bar. (With condoms, of course.) But make sure not confuse the two; they are not the same, at all.

I used to manifest blindly, and kept wondering why I was getting slapped in the face. But the more I analyzed the things that had manifested, what I'd done, and what I desired the more I realized that it was my response to circumstance – and my way of analyzing circumstance – that was leading to my biggest blunders. And these blunders have included: bankrupting myself. I was worked at Taco Bell at the time, and discovered that living off Top Ramen for two weeks because you're a dumbass... Well, that just sucks.

So if you find your manifestations getting strange, and that you keep having recurrent issues... The thing I'd try to take away is that often the lesson is how you're approaching things, and how flexible or inflexible your ideas about what you need or want are. While painful and sometimes even dramatic – at other times merely obnoxious – these are some of the coolest lessons the universe has to give out. Because at the end of it, the entire structure of what see before you warps and changes so utterly that you can't imagine how you didn't see it before...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh, god.

While hunting around for some information regarding a video game I'm playing, I noticed... that ad. And I laughed. Oh, how I laughed. IMVU... marketing toward the cybersex fetish niche? Well. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Incidentally, while I understand that many women are supposed to kinship toward Bella... Since when did anyone want to be Edward Cullen? ("Mormon Vampire. Lovely. Takes all the fun out of being a Vampire.")

EDIT: Wait. I've figured out how it works! See, as Twilight is a "mostly chaste" romance, IMVU cannot be openly accused of marketing towards the "cybersex fetish" niche market. Because they're encouraging chaste, uh, 3D animated... uh, dialogues.

All the while, still marketing with the sex. That's almost brilliant. It also must be what makes Twilight work. I'll have to think about this some more. Because I still fail to see how those novels could be seen as romantic. Yes, it's a love story. But I'm not sure a love story between two idiots is a love story worth reading or telling, even if one of the idiots is a vampire. In fact, I have tons of scathing comments about that.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It must almost be October. Again.

For the last two weeks, the city of Sacramento has been working on the downtown sewer systems. The short version of why goes something like this: the sewage was draining into the Sacramento river. It's probably defiled forever, but in the meantime it's time to fix shit.

As such, all over the downtown area it sounds a bit like a Freddy Krueger film. This is made more amusing - if amusing is the right word - by the earth-quake style booms that you can periodically feel as they tear up the road.

Ah, well. Don't take this for complaining. It's totally fucked up my sleep cycle, but beyond that it's rather amusing to wake up to nigh-endless metal screeches, booms, and small explosion sounds.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scylla was right!

It appears that blogger was deciding that a few of you are spammers. And so it blocked the comments.

In particular, blogger seems to dislike R.O. and Harold Roth the most. It also hated me twice. Which breaks my brain a little bit. How the fuck can I spam my own blog?

Monday, September 20, 2010

If you're doing this already: I'm not talking to you.

It has been mentioned a few times that I left a great deal unsaid on certain matters. I did.

And it works like this: you have a house with a back door without a lock? You buy a fucking lock. You don't trust the innate goodness of your fellow man, because your fellow man is just as likely to nick your wallet as he is to try and steal your girlfriend, or anything else. The odds are all over the place, and most people really do invent their own morals while insisting they're better than they are.

You write a book that you know will get pirated? You buy a lock. You're a “powerful” fucking sorcerer or magician or witch, or what-have-you. Fucking deal with that shit.

A few distinctions need to be made here, though:
  • If you're sloppy? That's your fault.
The spirit had better know the difference between an “uploader” and a “downloader.” It had better understand the distinction between my scanning a page, and my scanning a book. If you don't take care to make these distinctions and someone gets hit that shouldn't? It's on your head. And they get to kick the shit out of you if they're capable or feel like it.

  • Not all curses are death curses.
R.O. has said it a few times, but I actually ended up chatting with a fellow about the subject just yesterday. There's a certain assumption that all tactics are heavy handed. This misses the point, which is that sometimes precision beats power. While a heavy-handed assault on anything might leave someone in a state of shock and awe, a clever or even mean push can be just as effective, if not more so. There's also the point everyone makes about how if you curse once, you're likely to again. I've never really bought this one. I fucked up once, and I never did that again. I almost want to suggest the work “jinx,” but I'm not sure if it applies.

Now then, if you're downloading material written by occultists who have mind-bending powers and want to tell you how to get them yourself? You should assume that some PDFs might or might not come with a ready-made terror just waiting to find you. Maybe not. Who knows? But I've come across some weird shit. I know of one PDF that had a tendency to melt hard-drives shortly after it would be downloaded. The reports may be exaggerated. They might not be. But assuming that people aren't going to work against downloaders, too, is stupid. Cleanse that shit. Give it a good scan on a variety of levels. Don't just assume that because it isn't physical, there isn't something attached. I'd say something similar about used books. Some of them do come charged. Because some silly fuckers don't write the shit they use down by hand, and instead carrying their books into their circle or whatever. Fine, I guess. But please don't sell your charged copy of the Goetia back to a used bookstore, all right? That's just fucking cruel. And sloppy.

And if you've draw one of the seals on the inside cover and charged it up, like that one book I saw a few months ago..? I hope something bad happens to you. Jackass.

I consider this shit common sense. I also consider it a right to a person affronted to take measures to protect their wares. I do not; I give what I give away for free, and because that's how I like it. No, it doesn't make me much money. That's not the point. My value as an individual (sorcerer) isn't attached to a price-tag. And if you think it is? We're not going to get along. Because I won't play that game. There is a seriously mistaken perception that the best thing another magician can do for you is to give you cash. I really don't agree with the sentiment, and I'd suggest avoiding those that think along such lines. They will most likely fuck you over given time.

Finally... If you're writing a book? Don't plan to make a boat-load of cash. This is my honest, and bluntest point. It has never worked. I recall all manner of other young Chaos Magicians talking about “when they'd write that book.” For a long time, I had that goal, too. And then I really investigated it, and realized the only reason I'd write a book is for ego reasons.

I can pay for a blog out of my own pocket to do that. It's an indulgence. Thus, that is what I do. It also allows my the side benefit of being able to dedicate various things I write, to various spirits. Or try out crazy shit and see if it works. I happen to like that. There's more use to the 'net than social networking and porn. We've just stumped it's use to largely those things so far. And it is quite fucking sad.

Finally, I am not saying to “work your model” around piracy. I'm saying that you had better, as an intelligent individual, take it into account and use your books wisely for a purpose beyond just making cash on the books. You should also take other factors into account: economic situations, whether or not people like the material you're producing, and whether or not they like it enough... to buy it. Because this is a distinction. And it's a real one.

If you can manage all of the above? I salute you. I sure as hell don't feel like it at the present time. But I do want you to continue, and if I like you and what you sell? I'll buy your product.

Shit. Eventually, I may even try to take Jason's course. If I can ever convince myself that I'd do it all, rather than read it, nod, and continue on my way. Which is the distinction that keeps me from doing it.

But that's the short end of my thoughts. “Don't be an idiot,” would, I think cover that ground quite succinctly. Unfortunately, when I say it, people always tell me I'm being cryptic. I'm not. It's pragmatics. Being an idiot tends to get you hurt. Thus, actively working to avoid that is in your best interest.

And sometimes, you need people to tell you that you're an idiot. Because you're an arrogant fuck. It happens.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jack Faust (Briefly) Invades Plutonica.

Remember all of that commotion about Piracy? Well, Psyche was kind enough to let me write on the subject for Plutonica.net.

It's up here. In a month I'll most likely post the less streamlined 15-17 page version on EI.net.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Politics vs. Human Decency

I've been observing I find odd of late, and thinking about it for a while. And what I think I'm seeing is people mistaking two categories that intersect; those categories being “politics” and “human decency.” I say they intersect, because human decency is apparently lacking in some individuals for whatever reason, and it tends to take legislation to enact it. This, of course, goes far beyond the 14th Amendment.

Why would this bother me? Because I keep seeing magicians, who often seem to regard themselves as Agents of Liberty, saying crazy shit. So far this year I've seen magicians:

  • Justify the lack of health coverage for those that can't afford it on the basis of their taxes. (Seriously? You're afraid of losing some... money? Over someone's welfare?)

  • Discuss the horror of Islamic Fundamentalism while neglecting to mention the various factors that led that segment of the Islamic world to turn its eyes towards the United States. I suppose it's just too much to ask why someone might want you dead?

  • Justify torture in regards to terrorism. No, really. But to be fair: it was a magician who's pretty much a fascist. So I probably shouldn't be surprised.

I could go on, but I won't. And I'm not going to start taking screen-shots whenever I see something stupid on Facebook, because I'd end up with too many screen-shots, too quickly. My point is this: if you're doing it, stop.

If you're seeing things that make you uneasy, then don't divert from the topic. Don't bring up something equally atrocious, but off topic. Don't justify evil due to another evil act. That's childish. “He did it first!”

Human decency works like this: everyone has worth. This worth is not in dollar bills, and all human life has infinitely more worth than your wallet. The tendency to politicize human decency diverts us from the actual topic at hand. The fact that people exploit systems diverts us from the topic at hand. Human decency remains regardless of that, and regardless of any desire to stop that exploitation. Any and every system will be exploited. Its inevitable. The question is whether or not the system meets the demands of the populace; if it does not, it needs to be reformed on the basis of meeting those demands. Not to tighten the measure against exploitation, as that happens as a byproduct of the reform itself.

The “unemployment rate was about unchanged at 9.6 percent,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports in the last update as to our economic position in terms of employment statistics. The “number of unemployed persons is 14.9 million.”

I want you to take a moment to reflect on those statistics. They're relevant to our present as American citizens. We've got around 1 in 10 folks without a job. (No, I am not one of those. Though slow months feel like it.) Black or African Americans are sitting at 15.2% unemployed. Hispanics are looking at a 13% unemployment ratio.

Human decency means that your response to this had better not be “laziness.” They can't all be lazy, when you walk through your city's downtown area and see rows upon rows of empty windows; a small army of homeless individuals, and (living in Sacramento) an endless array of white people with brief-cases and white Nikes ignoring them. I'm pretty sure that a third of them are Lobbyists, too.

Human decency isn't political, and liberation isn't political. And excuses don't work if you claim that that's your end goal.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Piracy: Resources

Before I begin writing on the subject, I felt that it was the most fair to provide resources for anyone seeking more information on the subjects that I'll be bringing up on EI.Net shortly. As such, here you go:

Piracy is... Good?

Mark Pesce is the creator of VRML (Virtual Reality Machine Language), the earliest Virtual Reality programming language that I'm aware of. He also happens to be a neo-Pagan, and wrote The Executable Dreamtime, one of the essays which helped shape some of the views on magick I still hold to this day. It's probably one of the most remarkable essays in Disinfo's Book of Lies, and along with the above provides a good look at what “cybermagicians” in the next century are going to look like. Piracy is... Good? is a 2005 lecture that Pesce gave, and then threw on the internet. It appeared on the internet shortly after the arrival of Torrent software, and may become a landmark in all future discussions on this subject. Many of Pesce's topics are especially prescient, and his thoughts are not to be spurned. While it relates to television and traditional media involving it, I suspect that it will have cross-over appeal for obvious reasons.

Steal This Film (Part 1). Wiki article here.

The first part was shot in Sweden in 2006 as the Pirate Bay fiasco began, and the film discusses the nature of social change, online piracy, and communications in the 21st century. It was put together on a low budget, and released for free on the internet. Due to donations, it's creators were able to put together...

Steal This Film (Part 2). Wiki article here.

The Dissolving Fortress is the second part of the documentary, dealing with the nature of social change and information. This section of the film is particularly interesting because it narrates the history of Information Piracy, beginning with the small printing press and then accelerating to the internet.

Uh. I think everyone and their mother has read Hakim Bey's TAZ by now.

I'm trying to find a rather fascinating documentary I'd seen on Pirate radio/television stations in Spain, where one professor even called what they were doing a “temporary autonomous zone,” but I can't remember the damn title. Bah.

Anyway. More to come. Notice something lacking? Oh, yeah. Mention of ships, the seas, and swashbuckling so far. That's because I'm going the William Gibson route. Why? Because last time R.O. annoyed me by raving about “rape” and “pillage.” That's called “linguistic drift,” and the reason that when peer-to-peer file sharing began, the record industry called it “Piracy.” They want you to make those associations. Which don't strictly hold any longer, as I'll explain in my forth-coming entry.

More links if/as I find them. I also need to dig through some of my books.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


(Hermes the Thief and Apollo the Tool with Cernunnos.)

See? She's right. He's still wearing boots.

I was surprised when reading Romans and Barbarians to discover that of the Gods kept by the Celts that became Roman federates, Cernunnos was one of their favorites. Because he has bling. And hangs out with Olympian Frat Boys (Apollo) and Thieves (Hermes), and rodents. Not because he had anything to do with fertility. And they, those converted Celts in Germania, became the Merchant class. Oh shit, son.

Also. This lightplate? It just doesn't say Sacred Sexuality to me. Sorry. I'd tell you what it says, but then I'd be being really, really mean.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Piracy, Net Neutrality, And Why To Pay Attention.

If you haven't noticed, the Net Neutrality debate has kicked up a few notches in the last few weeks. I'm saying this following yesterday's post, and after a few hours of thinking about piracy and trying to begin to form something to a coherent whole.

But as I read the Time article linked above - on a subject I've hardly ignored, though my comments have been muted prior to this moment - I realized something: it may not even matter for much longer. If tiered internet payments for broadband service become the new business model (something I believe Harold Roth - bless you, brother - mentioned last night) will make piracy redundant. You probably won't be able fucking afford it, anyway.

It looks like my thought process has gotten that more convoluted. I need to think and keep from being irate for a while longer.

... At least it's a cool, breezy day here in Sacramento. I'm sure relaxation will come with a bit of meditation.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Piracy, Scarlet Imprint, and Occult Books.

Scarlet Imprint has dropped a blog-worthy bombshell in regards to piracy and their texts. It's worth a good look. And maybe another, better look afterward.

Now, my usual commentary on these things is as follows: those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. So... I am considering writing a short history on piracy and its intrinsic links to capitalism, and then maybe... present alternatives to what's entering play today. If I did so, would anyone want to read it?

Because let's be frank: the technology isn't going away. Either find a way to use it for your benefit, or be crushed by reality. Those are the only two options.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Call

Man. I don't know how your year has gone, but mine's been interesting. And sort've fun, when it wasn't stressful. As long as I managed to deal rather than worry, things have gone right. When I've given in to the worry, things went hoary and rickety.

If I was, for example, just to use Mercury's retrograde cycle I'd have to mention mixing up facts and learning a lesson about that. A few days ago my phone broke; the jack where I plug my headset into came loose. Had I not taken care of it early, I'd have just lost the one-year warranty on it. But instead I got in to the shop, they looked up my info, and simply gave me a new phone. While I was there, I found myself gazing upon headsets... And suddenly realized a nifty pair of bluetooth stereo headphones were the same price as a wired headset. And who can argue with music at better quality? So what the hell, I'm wearing them right now as I type this.

The finances got tricky between the Grand Cross and it's followup T-square. I recently discovered the problem, and now that's somewhat cleared up, too...

And for the first time this summer, I just might have the cash to start building the prototype for the Luciferian Death Stick. Which means that if things don't get tricky again - I say that and knock thrice on my desk - I may have the prototype done by October.

... After which, since I can't make something pretty, I may chat up a jeweler about making me a few metal rodes with ending in something like snakes, to hold the quartz crystal at the end of the rod.* That's a bit off, at least, as I want the base components in my hand a prototype before I start making the thing it'll end in. I bring it up, however, because I got a call from Valentine today. And while discussing the above, he mentioned knowing a jeweler.

Synchronicity express or just a let-down? We shall see. At the moment, though, I'm gonna go listen to some tunes and have a smoke.

But as an honorable mention, I loved Jhonn's last post. What I love the most is his response to the turmoil and chaos of the events he described: I laughed. That's exactly what's kept me sane this year, and from freaking the fuck out. Over the years, I've learned that freaking the fuck out is never actually a viable option. Laughing has worked much, much better.

So. While there's been stress? I happen to think this year's shaping up to be pretty damn decent. And after all, The Call is in the air and you can just feel it getting ready for a good harvest...

Chaos. Sometimes it all works out. Sometimes, you're just baffled.

*Someone mentioned how they'd love what I was trying to do if the end result ended up looking a bit more Harry Potter-ish. A bit of my soul died at that moment, as my intent was clearly lost in the discussion. I still haven't recovered that bit of my soul, so if you see it, gimme a shout, will you?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cue Insane Laughter.

There is a question, oh blog readers, and a very pressing one which I must ask: will you be dressing like a Time-Traveler on December 8th?

(The folks I purchase my hosting through support this. I'm not sure if that amuses or alarms me. But it may amuse me.)

And if you did, which form of Time-Traveler would you be?

(Would Gordon go Steampunk, or fight SkyNet?)

Tangentially, anyone ever tried to astral project into the past? Or a past that never was..?

Alright, Mercury, Pipe Down.

The Angry Death Sigil has been unleashed as appropriate after what I'm told was a brief MySQL hiccup. So the domain website and blog are back up.

I was amused yesterday. Today's just for synchronicity.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Open Mouth: Insert Foot

After deleting this week's primary vitriol, I got smacked for my earlier vitriol in the post The Empire of Nothing.

Stephen Mace took the time to respond himself to my comments, and noted two huge issues. First, his discussion of Nulls takes place in Seizing Power, not Taking Power. Second, I also got the essay in question wrong. He discusses the Nulls in Hierarchy: Ready Brain for the New Demiurge, not in For Those Who Would Subvert the Status Quo. This was extremely sloppy my part, and tells me that I need to start citing things like a bastard again to avoid ever making that mistake again.

Finally, as my responses to his comments show, I don't know if I understand his concept of the Null entirely anymore. In short: I did exactly the things I criticized, and opened my mouth when I probably shouldn't have.

This brings home the need to start citing things again - and figuring out how to do that properly in Wordpress - and my need to pay stricter attention to what I write, rather than just writing to write. Finally, maybe it's time for me to start seriously working with an entity that deals with some compassion or something less aggressive, because my tendencies are getting out of hand.

In short: I really am a dumbass, sometimes, and that shit is unacceptable. Now, to go make some edits.

I am a dumbass.

With respect to R.O.'s last blog entry and regards to my review of Vivianne Crowley's Wicca, that review has been edited. Even though I said I wouldn't. Because sometimes you just feel silly after beating words out as if your keyboard is a hammer.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Brief Update to Avoid Re-Editing the Last Entry

Okay, so. The Digest of Roman Law and The Institutes are two separate documents. Upon returning to my proper reading I discovered this as it was, quite literally, the next topic covered in the book. Colin Kolbert writes:

“The Roman lawyers of the sixth century were, however, just as mindful of the need to educate their successors as their predecessors had been and indeed, members of the legal profession are just as concerned today. Justinian therefore asked Tribonian and two of his professional colleagues, Theophilus from Constantinople and Dorotheus from Beirut, to prepare an elementary textbook for students from which they could learn the principles of the law and through which they would be guided to the Digest itself. Taking the Institutes of Gaius as their model, they produced the Institutes of Justinian which was also published in December 533 and given the force of law – which soon proved inconvenient, for again the cross-referencing was not very efficient and at times rules are stated different in the Digest and Institutes...”

So, the Institutes were the textbook which was meant to guide a young Roman toward the Digest, which was the law as written. As a side note: Justinian dedicated the Digest to God, and considered it his task to deliver stability as guided by God. He also forbid all commentaries on the Digest, thus making the law enshrined and trying to make it impossible to default to earlier versions of laws superseded by the Digest. That's... a lot of civil power, when you think about it.

Saturnalia [EDITED: Now With More Hyperlinks!]

While reading Justinian's Digest of Roman Law (a version of it appears to be online on Scribd here, titled The Institutes of Justinian from Project Gutenberg), I found myself desiring to once again glance at Macrobius' Saturnalia. The only problem was that I seem to have lost my copy at some point between three moves in four years.

Well, shit, I said. Should I check Ebay again?

Then I thought about Project Gutenberg and decided to hunt for it online... And lo, and behold!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Click to see full image. From this site.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogs Entries, Responses, & Vincent Price

My last two blog entries got a few interesting responses, and I felt like making a few comments here before writing the last, and purely humorous, section.

Straw Wise (Wo/)Men

One of the people reading my last EI.Net blog entry sent me an email due to wanting to avoid my ire, which kind've made me rethink some of the ways that I've been wording things. So I think that I'm going to have to work on being nicer, and more inclusive. Granted, I'll probably never manage to phrase things as nicely as Gordon does, but perhaps toning down my verbal vitriol would help more than a bit.

In any event, she wanted to know just how many Hispanic/Latina females I knew, as she was a bit concerned that I might be over-stating things or creating straw wise-women. She was extremely surprised when I responded, “does family count?”

When I was five, my mother married a slender, awkward man who'd come to America for school from Peru. For me, it meant that I got to hear about a magical far-away land where the Inca Empire had stretched throughout the Andes mountains, and pushed even into the jungles. (At the age of five, my “imaginary friend” started causing too much chaos and so, reputedly, I exiled his ass to Peru.) For my mother, it meant working two jobs to try and help put him through school.

I'm sad about the way I responded to things when I was a kid and a teenager, sometimes. I had a chance to become fully fluent in Spanish, as my sister is. But my little power struggles with my stepfather, and my rejection of many of his lesser qualities lead me, at the time, to miss out on the more glorious aspects of being raised in a bi-cultural home. Mind you, he abandoned his Catholicism on this shore (it turns out, going to a Catholic school in Peru isn't always great; those Nuns can be mean), and discovered that even Christians could be bigots here, leading him to live with the mindset of an Atheist. Many of our fights over the years were over whether or not I was doing things the right way, and so you can probably see even where a huge degree of my rejection of certain mental tendencies leads.

I probably have him to thank for many of both my better qualities, and my less impressive ones. I've been trying to figure out what to do about him recently, in all honesty, which leads me to reflect on his culture and what I took and what I rejected. What always seemed odd to me was that my stepfather, who clearly loved his country, family, and culture very much stilled tried his best to be an “All American Dad,” and I sometimes wonder if that was the biggest issue between us. No, that's not it. I don't know. I'm going to drop this subject in public. Anyway...

I haven't even mentioned V.V.F. or her wonderful Puerto Rican family yet... So, if you wanted something like an a solid figure that I made my estimate from: I know somewhere around 90 Latina/ Hispanic women to varying degrees. If not more. I don't even know if I get to count casual acquaintances. I'm also quite odd, and people have this very strange tendency to tell me things. So I hear all kinds of weird shit that I never expect to... It must be a hypnotically induced kind've thing. Like the sight of my hair convinces people that I'm “Good People” and that I need to know every detail of their lives...

One last thing: people dislike the idea that Llamas are not, well, nice animals. Listen to me: Llamas hate your existence, and they spit and kick just like donkeys and camels. Furthermore, the spit is a tight ball about the size of a tennis ball, and it smells like vomit. This is their favorite method for punishing the unwary that come toward them as if they're mystically enlightened and loving creatures. Unless you want a sizable wad of spit hitting your face at several miles per hour, I suggest that you never go and try to pet a Llama.

It'll fuck your shit up, man.

Glenn Beck, and Politics.

My last post wasn't intended to be political. I apologize if it comes off as such. I'm looking at actions and broadcasted intents, and the divergence between the two. I hoped to use that as a jumping point for my criticism of the over-use of historical “dream-world” figures.

Like I've said before, I immediately become skeptical of someone when they post a blog that's meant to sound loving, and they use the image of MLK, Gandhi, or a similar such figure to heighten the impact of that post. The comparison here is between “powerful symbolic figures,” and using them to energize one's work. In most cases, this is instinctive for many, many people. However, if that figure is being used out of context – or worse, if the context of their words and actions isn't understood – then it's essentially a perversion of the symbol, the figure, and their words and actions.

In other words: it's practically the reverse of what they did, and I don't just consider such things to be distasteful. I consider them to be manipulative, even if the person doing the action doesn't realize what they're doing. We've been trained to see “Good” things and turn off our critical filters, and so there are a number of individuals who know how to take advantage of this. One might compare it to the “Holy Bible Salesmen” that proliferated throughout the US during the 1950s, or to any good con-artist. If you can make someone stop thinking and convince them that you'd never betray them, then you can spin them any way you wish.

I'm simply disgusted when someone does it without realizing it, and I try to mostly leave it alone. When an occultist or witch does it, I consider the act inexcusable. We know what symbols have power. We know how people respond to that. We know better than to pass off hate as love. And what's more, we know better than to tell Tall Tales unless Tall Tales are called for. Or maybe I'm wrong.

In any event: the message wasn't supposed to be political. Nor religious. In this case, I had thought it'd help elucidate my concerns. But I think that in this case, it backfired and most of you felt I was discussing straight politics.

The Magickal Order of Vincent Price

During the confluence of the last Seventeen and a Half Internet-Aeons, the viziers of the HedKult have discovered that the final, and last Pure Transmission of Occulted Wisdom was – ironically enough – revealed through the films made by Hammer Pictures in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

As such it has been decided that the HedKult shall form as it's Outer Order the “Magickal Order of Vincent Price,” dedicated to the dissemination of this material so as to change the Course of History Itself!

You may join the Order for the paltry sum of $777 USD (no refunds; souls may be bartered in lieu of cold, hard cash) and be given access to the following Forbidden Secrets, Hidden Wisdom, and Useless Knowledge:

  • The Order's Manuscripts: Learn about the forth-coming neo-Pagan rapture in 2012, the Apocalyptic Tidings that Prove The End is Nigh, and that we're All Pretty Much Fucked. [Faust's Note: none of the manuscript material should be treated as Gospel Truth. Unfortunately, we all went quite mad years ago.]

  • Learn the Kabalistic Cross as performed by Christopher Lee in The Devil Rides Out.

  • Decipher the Hidden Keys to the Secrets Locks of the Universe with a full collection of Hammer films.

  • Your own Black Turban!

  • Become eligible to gather with the Order's Secret Vassals in the ruins of Alamut every five years! Gatherings may or may not include enough drugs to make the CIA quite nervous.

  • Your own Magickal Order of Vincent Price key chain!

  • A certificate signed by Jack Faust declaring you an Adept, and thus exempt from all Online Debates regarding whether or not you are a proper Magician.

  • Some lint from V.V.F.'s purse.

  • A piece of paper with a strange sigil on it that you'll never quite understand, but will make you somewhat nervous.

  • Access to Nefarious Lore kept for Uncertain Purposes.

  • A ballpoint pen without any ink, with which you may not record the details of your pursuits.

  • Yes, you too may become an Illuminated Seer through the imprecise, probably bullshit methods of madmen! Why wait! Join today!