Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PoS: Tower Theater

Location: 2508 Land Park Drive. Sacramento, ca, 95818.

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When I cast the Obi, the first divination said 'harmony' in regards to if there were spirits here. Which would imply to me, that there possibly are, despite the theater being in danger of closing at times. This could by why it's pulled itself from the brink periodically, despite low ticket-sales and such.

The environment, regardless of day or night, is fairly calm and orderly. Directly next door is the Tower Cafe, which is doing far better in terms of business and a local spot to get together with friends. (And probably the place I'll use to try and pry a name from when I get around to it.

Sigil: (Unknown at present time.)

Name: (Unknown at present time.)


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