Monday, December 14, 2009

Okay, woah!

Blog readers, I turn to you for advice.

How many of you get completely lost when I ramble about things? Would you like me to clarify ideas better?

Would links, better descriptions, and perhaps even toning down my language further help?


Eldritch said...

Your posts are clear but sometimes (like the last one) a little wordy but overall I enjoyed your post (even if you use words like 'chagrin'.)

the chronic said...

Nothing wrong with the word "chagrin."

But your posts are quite long for this format. You may not need to write shorter posts to get around this; sometimes adding more mini-headers can help.

I really enjoy your ideas.

mrrockmessiah said...

Agreed. Your rambles are pretty clear. Sometimes my problem is reading them when I'm in a hurry and then it's "WTF? IDK.." until I reread them later.

I also like details when it comes to entries on methodologies. I like options especially when I understand how they work. This, of course, is different than someone asking another to hold his or her hand through everything.

Anyway, I'm glad that the girlfriend introduced me to you. Just wished we lived closer to one another.

brooding gecko said...

yeah, i usually have to save your posts for later too. they are eloquent and well structured, but need to be a little bit more synthetic in order to be more imediate, imo

great stuff nonetheless

Jason Miller, said...

Language is clear. But you should break your posts up more.

jez379 said...

Your style is what makes you you. I understand your stuff most of the time, and if I don't, I ask. I read you when I have time up my sleeve. I know you put time into writing them, thus reading them deserves nothing less, imo. Of course you know I am your biggest fan - who is not related to you ;)