Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Earlier today, due to a sick sense of humor, I became a "fan" of sacrificing children to Moloch on Facebook. Now as I've admitted that my sense of humor is sick and I'm in a rather sleep deprived, I made the following update:

"PSA for the kids: if you're naughty, it isn't Santa that comes, but the Krampus. And if that fails? Well, we'll just resort to giving you to Moloch. This post brought to you by: (two people I don't want to out unless they tell me it's cool) for their links earlier this week. Just say no to obnoxious little prats. And remember that witches traditionally *ate* babies. Thank you."

This was followed by Justin noting that a Krampus evocation is just what all the kids in his neighborhood need, and another friend (once again, to protect the unnamed!)requesting that she would like to see any such reports. As such I have made the following offer:

"Actually! If any of you can get me some valid links, or even a book or so, on the Krampus I would be willing to write a Krampus evocation. Now: I will not perform said ritual (nor would I without a full Solomonic circle and a triangle...) as I know it will backfire, however I will be willing to post the reports from any who dare to attempt such a torrid thing! I shall cross-post this offer to Blogspot and LJ and see what happens as well. Bwahahahahahaha. /Sleep Deprived Black Magician laughter."

And so that offer stands. Bring me links, any books you might discover, etc. and I shall design said ritual. I will also be willing to report anything given to me about what might possibly (good god why?!) happen from such a thing.

What can I say? I'm all for taking back the holiday season for the evil heathens.

Edit: Justin gave me this: Interesting link I was looking at off the bat
Figured if there was a ritual it would involve German language, probably barbarous along with all the trappings of horns and shaggy fur. Don't know about Solomon would probably research Germanic or Eastern European banishing practices to get more flavor of it. Hmm might be interesting to do actually :)

Response from me:
"Excellent, and excellent ideas. How about looking into how the Fraternitas Saturni cleansed space? I'll poke Sixx and see if he might have notions later."

Gimme moar, peeps! Anything you got!
EDIT: I want to clarify that this post is not meant to be insulting to anyone. I think you have a right to raise your kids the way you want, without my commentary. (Some of my baby-loathing was somewhat recently inspired by a few individuals who felt my significant other and I ought to just make with the babies; which, clearly, would be stupid until I'm financially set and made me rabidly angry. They later retracted the statements, but my irritation still remains.) Also, said ritual if it's ever written - and I probably will just for humor - should probably never be enacted. However, if people are crazy enough to do so, I'll want to know what happens.


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oiy (sigh)

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You should totally have babies. Lots of 'em. Think of them as little hand grenades you lob at the future. I'm sure the pin mechanism will be genetically manifest right and it won't go off until it leaves the house.