Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Record of Silence

Every once in a while I do this, and I always feel horrible about it: I just stop posting. Not because I have any less to say or anything I'm not thinking about - but because my thoughts end up not being 'quite right' for a specific blog.

For example, there's a lot I could write about the new Fullmetal Alchemist series and why I like it. In comparison to the original series (I was never a fan of the manga; I'm a horrid fanboy): it's better as a coming-of-age tale with a main hero who is downright Faustian. I like that, and how I can mythically relate to it. And I'd love to talk about it.

But it has nothing to do with the occult; and everything, really, and it's like discussing Star Trek here: I could do it. But for some reason, I'm not going to. It isn't because I think discovering I'm a huge nerd is a problem. (Every occultist I know is actually a hardcore nerd: it comes with the territory.) It's because I feel like, relationship-wise, there isn't enough of a link to discuss it here. So while I have plenty to talk about, most of it's getting stuck on my livejournal (found here).

I figure something will come up worth discussing here sooner than later. Otherwise you'll just see updates like this with catchy images or crazy fiction while I continue doing highly personal work (which I won't discuss), and which doesn't really have a lot of bearing on anyone else at all.


Riley said...

I can relate; I have no desire whatsoever to type up my results or experiences. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to keeping a journal which I think too many people - usually people who follow that thelema garbage - place far too much emphasis on a journal. Yes it's a good idea to jot down mile stones and discoveries, but it's a mite anal to advocate recording every single working.

Gordon_Finn said...

I wouldn't advocate writing every damn thing down, but you can at least write it down in groupings and major bullet points to help refresh your memory. There might be a reason you forget about a piece or a result you did and you do it again, but sometimes, it's good to know what you did. For me, I tried to keep everything organized, but at this point, there's just so much that are just scribbles of thoughts and tiny pieces that are written out of context and it's just all over the place on my laptop. Pretty much everything now on there is in some way related to my magick, including fiction. You'd just have a damn hard time trying to find all the stuff related to one specific thing. At this point, I just do keyword searching of my entire hard drive because I know it's somewhere on there.

But, myth is important to even practical magick work. It isn't all just about candles and spirits and drawing sigils just to forget them. How you relate to something, even mythically, helps you understand and bring in archetypes and currents better into your life, especially for sigil work and thoughtform construction that you put into yourself.

Magus Obsidianus said...

You managed to, while avoiding to say the things you were talking about, say them anyway. Well done.

I agree with your assessment of that particular series.

Rose Weaver said...

Ditto. Nicely stated. I should be keeping a record of what I actually AM doing as of late, but nah... being lazy. I'm sure I'll regret this later, but for now the "Record of Silence" seems incredibly appropriate.