Friday, May 22, 2009

Color me envious.

I am relatively sad I can't attend Eamonn's Hellfire Club get together in the UK in like, a day. Because it actually sounds fucking awesome.

"The Castle Inn on the High Street at Castle Bytham stands in view of the ancient Saxon fort of Baron Morcar (after whom the nearby Morkery Woods are named), the castle was later home to Thomas Malory, legendary author of the 'Morte D'Arthur'. Local tradition has it that a passage from the inn cellar runs under the castle moat to a chapel which is still buried under the mound.
Behind the Castle Inn is the ancient Church of St James, in which resides one of the oldest surviving maypoles: split in two and made into a ladder when the Puritans seized power, the ladder bears the inscription: 'this warre the maypole 1660'.

We will start the day at the Castle Inn from 3pm with a meet and greet, there will be a (mercifully brief!) talk from 4pm on 'The Hell Fire Club Today' which will give those present an idea of our origins, modern history and the manifestation of the mystery today.Coffee and tea and biscuits will be available free of charge."

God that sounds fun... I'll give the man credit; he knows how to sell a soiree.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Record of Silence

Every once in a while I do this, and I always feel horrible about it: I just stop posting. Not because I have any less to say or anything I'm not thinking about - but because my thoughts end up not being 'quite right' for a specific blog.

For example, there's a lot I could write about the new Fullmetal Alchemist series and why I like it. In comparison to the original series (I was never a fan of the manga; I'm a horrid fanboy): it's better as a coming-of-age tale with a main hero who is downright Faustian. I like that, and how I can mythically relate to it. And I'd love to talk about it.

But it has nothing to do with the occult; and everything, really, and it's like discussing Star Trek here: I could do it. But for some reason, I'm not going to. It isn't because I think discovering I'm a huge nerd is a problem. (Every occultist I know is actually a hardcore nerd: it comes with the territory.) It's because I feel like, relationship-wise, there isn't enough of a link to discuss it here. So while I have plenty to talk about, most of it's getting stuck on my livejournal (found here).

I figure something will come up worth discussing here sooner than later. Otherwise you'll just see updates like this with catchy images or crazy fiction while I continue doing highly personal work (which I won't discuss), and which doesn't really have a lot of bearing on anyone else at all.