Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random note involving my vanity.

I haven't written much for a bit, to ensure I don't post more angry rantings.

But I'm not ranting.

I am, however, 25 years old today. Which means I've turned five... five times now.


Frater POS said...

There is wisdom in understanding where you are and that damage that may be done with words. There is folly in suppression. As always, find the third thing.

Happy Birthday.

Rufus Opus said...

Fuck that, dude, rant. It opens you up to criticism, shows you what you think. It give you a chance to say, hey, in that moment, I thought this way. Now I think this way. It provides others with a perspective on you and how you are as you evolve. Don't let fear or pride keep you from being what you are.

Then again, what you are is someone who doesn't let himself publish his rantings, so you're in keeping with your selfness too. Huh.


I'd wish you a happy birthday, but you're 25 now. Your brain has officially stopped physically growing. You've reached the limit of your growth from child to man. For the rest of your life, each year more cells will die than are replaced. You're dying now. Right now.

At this point, "Happy Birthday" sort of loses its meaning. So, Congratulations on making it through another year. May the next twelve months bring you prosperity, joy, and fulfillment in everything you desire.

Cause you know...

You're dying anyway.

Frater POS said...

Frater RO. I don't know whether to laugh or kick you in the balls for that post. Given the latter would involve significant expense and travel time, I will opt for the former.

Jason Miller, said...

Happy B-day dood. Happy to have met you in the flesh

My Gal said...

Happy Birthday Brother Man!

Don't worry, you are supposed to be angry and pissed in your 20's. So baby you are right on track. It will settle down and then it moves to just amused :) Then it will move to amazed to be here.

May the new year bring you what you want in a form you like!

Love and laughter~ ME

Livia Indica said...

Happy birthday dude. Enjoy your free and easy twenties while they last. Cuz once they're gone and you hit 30 you're officially an adult and not allowed to be an asshat anymore.

Jack Faust said...

Re: Jason:

Dude, your lecture rocked. I am absolutely thrilled that I got to see it, and I send you the best possible wishes in continuing with your endeavors.

Re: RO:

Sometimes, it's just not worth the effort, man. I'd rather say something constructive when it comes.

Re: POS:
Hopefully I'll find it.

Re: Gal:
I'm already amazed to still be here! No joke!

Re: Livia:
Thank you! I'm doing my best to enjoy what's left of them. *grin*