Sunday, April 19, 2009

A day in reverse.

The day in reverse:

Over 32 hours of sleep deprivation. Girl. (I adore her. Seriously.) Jack Daniels. Carton of cigarettes.

"Yet it all seems so normal. Certainly the psychologists who have prescribed so much Prozac that it now shows up in the piss of penguins, saw what they did as necessary. And the doctors who enable the profitable blackmail practiced by the medical industries see it all as part of the most technologically advanced medical system in the world. And the teacher, who sees no problem with 20% of her fourth graders being on Ritalin, in the name of "appropriate behavior," is happy to have control of her classroom. None of these feel like dupes or pawns of a corporate state. It seems like just the way things are. Just modern American reality. Which is a corporate generated reality."
- And an interesting article via Darth Hilarious.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random note involving my vanity.

I haven't written much for a bit, to ensure I don't post more angry rantings.

But I'm not ranting.

I am, however, 25 years old today. Which means I've turned five... five times now.