Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am uncultured swine.

... But my significant other is not.

It's a lot cuter when she discusses art in person, though.


Noctiluca said...


Frater BH said...

Faust, About you I wouldn't say that...exactly. Though, I am sure your gal is the height of culture, sensitivty, grace, kindness and the like. Though, she has still not agreed to allow me to put an Annoyatron in your home.

Noctiluca said...

Now that he's gone nocturnal, BH, I do have a leg up on him this time around. You have only to bring me the device.

jez379 said...

Oh I dunno about uncultured :p

Two posts in and her words are bringing enlightenment to me. I don't think I can think of a higher compliment than 'I am learning and being opened to new things by your works'. Dude, beauty and brains, you are one lucky uncultured swine ;)