Thursday, February 26, 2009

And that other thing...

Some years ago, when the Sutras of the Poison Buddha were still being written, we were joined in friendship and mirth by a fellow named Baron Samadhi (not to be confused with Baron Samedi). He was the first person to ever laugh hysterically at my absolutely wrong and heinous astrological chart, and also to point out that I could one day aspire to be a sadistic guru.

I currently don't aspire to the above, but you can read his humorous and well made weekly astrology columns here which are conveniently titled "Abyssal Epistles". Do I like the Baron? Yes. Do I think he's worth reading? Yes. Do I think he should make millions doing what he does? You bet. Do I think he should share when he hits the big-time? Oh yeah.

If you want to know "what the Hell is wrong with that Jack Faust guy" it all begins with the astrology chart and gets worse with judgment calls I've made during the course of my life. If you don't believe me, just ask Ryan Valentine. He doesn't post at all, but will back me up. Our brotherhood of the half-insane is the reason the world sucks. (Okay, maybe not the reason, but I can make BS claims of grandeur occasionally, right?)

As for the Boogiemen post, to raise an awareness of something I missed:

: Typo'd "out" into the word "our", making it look like I or my pals had written about threatening Muslims. Erm. Yeah. :( I actually dig (non-Fundamentalist) Islam; just like I enjoy (non-Fundamentalist) Christianity for the most part. I do not support of condone threatening people based on their spirituality, now or ever, and consider it utterly vile. Hence why I noted that the American ONA showed signs of being 'dangerous'.

I believe said threat by Blackwood was reported by members of the FCoS ("First Church of Satan") in 2005, but I don't think anyone was ever done by the authorities about it.


Austin said...

Dear Sir,

Your recommendation brings me great joy. Consider my ample coat tails your limousine. Also, can I borrow $5?


Suecae Sounds said...

Abyssal Epistles is hilarious stuff. You can't go wrong with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure.